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For many pet owners like me, the current lockdown has been quite a struggle especially when it comes to getting food, medicine and supplies for my fur baby. Typically, I go out of my house just to get my her food and treats, but the store where I used to go had to close because of the lockdown, so I had to look for other options instead.

With thousands of products and thanks to referrals from friends, I recently discovered Pet Warehouse, a web based online store that offers fast and free delivery of pet supplies! Whether you have cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, birds or fish, you don't ever need to leave your house and your pets at home just to get their essentials. You can order 24/7, pay online via Paypal or credit / debit card and get confirmation right away, with free deliveries for orders above Php995 (within Metro Manila only) 

My discerning fur baby is quite the picky eater (pickier than her momma), only likes imported treats (unlike her momma) and is super cheeky (very much like her momma!) so it's a real pressure not to provide what's good for her. 

And to think dogs are supposed to be the guards of the house, right? I couldn't even leave my house as much prior to the lockdown because of her, so being on lockdown isn't really new to me :))

Prior to the lockdown, what I'm missing though are those roadtrips with her as she loves to put her head outside the car window just to feel her face against the wind. Her titos and and titas also ask about her constantly, so I'd like to say to you all that she is safe and well (...ugh wait, what about me? Hihi!)

All Pet Warehouse PH deliveries are being done by their riders called Pet Heroes, who provides contactless transactions as well as part of their safety measures with the new normal.

It's a plus that Pet Warehouse not only provides the best service for their customers, they also drive meaningful efforts by supporting and partnering with local entities such as PAWS and CARA, to extend help to our furry friends who are up for adoption but couldn't find a home yet. They also run food donation drives, relief operations, and you too can get involved! Customers can even donate pet supplies from Pet Warehouse and have it directly delivered to PAWS or CARA.

It's so PAWsome, right? :)

A few examples of these efforts include raising Php73,000 worth of meals last December 2019, and being able to donate to the affected animals during the recent Taal Volcano eruption early this year.

Lockdown or not, I can always count on Pet Warehouse - the biggest Philippine online store for pets - for all my dog food and care essentials. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram today! @PetWarehousePH

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