How to travel to El Nido with Children

I've been getting a lot of queries about friends asking me if it's okay to bring their children to the beautiful, majestic El Nido in Palawan, and here's what I can say:

Traveling to El Nido with children
El Nido becomes a lot more fun and excitement when you travel there with children. Well, there are some intrinsic benefits of traveling with young children even if they are too young to remember the trip. For those planning a trip to the El Nido, can look for direct Manila to El Nido flights to enjoy a fast and comfortable mode of travel.

 El Nido is a popular destination within the Philippines, and if you have still not been there, this is the perfect chance to plan a trip there with children. All you need to do is book Jetstar airline online and take advantage of special offers for families and kids. Explore the quintessential Philippine paradise in the Palawan region that is made of more than 45 islands with loads of lagoons and caves. It is like a perfect playground for the kids!

 Visiting El Nido with kids
 El Nido is sure to floor you and your kids because of those postcard-perfect islands, gorgeous lagoons, and white sand beaches. The best part is that El Nido is easy to navigate and explore on foot. Most of its attractions are within a short walk and are well connected. It is like being in another world as you enter the secluded landscape of El Nido

Where to stay
 There are plenty of family-friendly islands that can fit within your budget. One can stay at lovely private houses or one of those comfortable beach resorts or one of those lovely private houses that can be had on a modest budget. One can even rent a place through Air BnB. And for those with adventurous families, can hop around the islands on a sailboat and camp and BBQ whenever they want.

Where to eat
 When it comes to food, there is surprisingly a good range of restaurants. El Nido Boutique Art CafĂ© is popular among families, and here one can enjoy a wide range of dishes and a child-friendly menu. L’Assiette is another good choice where the whole family can enjoy some great meals along with a great view. And if your kids can’t do without a pizza, head for Little Italy. Children love those ice creams and fresh crepes sold by the roadside vendors.

Activities not to be missed by any family
 Although there is plenty to do and see in. El Nido with your family, there are activities that should not be missed.  
         Kayak or paddleboard to explore the islands. The small children can sin the paddleboard but make sure they wear life jackets. The catamarans are a excellent option for two people and one child.

·         Relax and laze around on the beaches and watch a glorious sunset from El Nido Beach. You will find everybody making a special trip to the beaches to enjoy the beautiful sunsets.

·         Book an island-hopping tour on a Bangka boat and do carry your snorkel and mask. Take your kids to those deserted beaches, stunning sandbars, and explore huge caves and hidden lagoons with them. They will never forget the experience their whole life.
          Rent out a tricycle and explore the town and its boutique shops. Stop wherever you want and whenever and enjoy tasty food and meals at any of the leading restaurants.

El Nido is safe for kids and makes for a spectacular playground for kids. However, if planning to go on one of those island-hopping tours, make sure to carry life jackets for children. It is recommended to carry cash as many shops and restaurants do not accept credit card and there are very few ATM machines in El Nido. The right time to visit El Nido with your kids is between December and February when the temperatures are comfortable and cooler.

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