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While there are a number of hotels to choose from in Makati, there is always something special about each one,  and with a reason or two on why you need to visit them all. Just like my blog, just like food, and just like writing. As for Holiday Inn and Suites Makati, she's like a good friend that you haven't seen for a while but then suddenly miss it so much.

And missing the hotel so much means reminiscing a recent event that happened last January in Oz Bar, Holiday Inn and Suites Makati's indoor poolside bar located at their roof deck floor. It was small yet intimate, tamed yet lively. It was where we held our annual KTG New Year's Party and it was...how do I say it...the best party we've had so far this year.

Oz Bar has it all. A decent sound system, the best fish and chips, and you can even avail of the food from their cafe menu located at the hotel's lobby. Feel free to ask their resident bartender to make a cocktail of your choice. 

It's like someone's home, only way fancier, but really not at all intimidating. Here you can organize your birthday party, an important presentation at work, even training and workshops. If you're like me and would like to keep things simple, even a small, intimate wedding reception is possible at Oz Bar. 

And the best part? You don't really need to check-in at the hotel just so you can visit. Whether you would just like to cap off the night or book an event, just approach any of the wonderful people working at Holiday Inn and everything will be taken care of.

On another topic, during the night of our party, I delved into a conversation about G&Ts with my good friend Bess Howe. Thanks to her (and a couple of drinking friends who were also there that night), I was able to understand what it's really all about. I've always declared myself as a whiskey girl (my favorite whiskey starts with a J, but not the kind that you'd normally get) but I must admit, gin is in. I should tap myself on the back for having to appreciate something new again. And this means that I can always visit Oz Bar whenever I need somewhere to hide away - whether it's to celebrate a big win, an intimate meet up with friends or just relax with a drink or two after a long, or tiring, or possibly shitty day.

The night went by and the drinks came piling up. Everything prepared was delicious, the gifts poured, and I ended up feeling like a queen as I held hands with Karla, where we happily pretended like we were runner ups on the quest for winning the grand raffle prize during that night. We didn't win though, but we had a good laugh, and it was worth it.  



For inquiries and reservations, visit www.holidayinn.com/makati

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