When in Salcedo: hold your next drinking sesh at Kite Kebab Bar

It may come as a surprise especially to my closest friends but I am now at that point where I don't drink as much as I used to when I was younger. But despite the decrease in quantity, I recently found more appreciation in specific drinks. 

Let's just say that my drinking game just went a notch higher. I've now come to love a wider variety of spirits. The likes of triple distilled, single malts and gin are now on top of my list, while I've lost touch with scotch and bourbon. Tequila and rum are no longer on my list of options. As for beer, I've graduated from a SanMig Light chick to a total Pale Pilsen drinker. I still don't like craft beer that much but I can handle a few bottles of established pilsners from time to time.

But why am I talking about beers and spirits? Because I work in Makati, and sometimes I just need something to cap off my day, regardless if it's a good one or a shitty one. For me, Kite Kebab Bar in Salcedo is the perfect venue to chill, feast on delicious comfort food and drink. 

Thanks to Kian Kazemi who never failed to introduce us to his latest food concepts / projects, I was able to experience Kite while it's still in the early stages when they opened his second branch. His first branch is no longer unfamilar, as Kite has already established itself as one of the most hip bar restos in Poblacion, Makati. 

The interiors easily reflects Kian's love for culture, family and friends, as seen on the customized murals and items displayed on Kite Salcedo's walls.

Kite is open for lunch until late at night, and your best option if you want to try good Mediterranean snacks and specialties, healthy vegan options (like hummus and yogurt shake, perhaps) or just good ol' comfort food like kebabs and shawarmas.

Classic Yogurt Shake
This is also where you can find his signature wraps in 2.0 versions, which are upgraded with special serving of feta and his special housemade sauces.

Classic Beef Shawarma 2.0
With bigger appetites, opt for rice plates packed with a good amount of protein, veggies and carbs, smacked with flavor and also served with either their white hot sauces. For instance, this Shawarma, Falafel and Turmeric Rice tri-combo is a winner. You can also choose from other proteins such as Chicken or Beef.

Chicken Shawarma Turmeric Rice Plate
I personally liked visiting Kite Kebab Bar when I'm with my friends, so I can force them to order the Kite Kebab Platter - which is composed of Classic Beef and Chicken Kebabs, Spicy Herb Beef Kebab, Lamb Chop, Spicy Chicken Tandoori. Pita Bread, grilled onions and tomatoes, special herb sauce. Convincing them to chill with a few bottles of beer and a bottle of whiskey would also be nice, I suppose :)

Kebab Sampler Platter
Another great must-try is the four-hour Shank, with dried lemons and root vegetables. This I can order and just enjoy by myself, for sure!

The Shank
Desserts and coffee are also available at Kite Kebab Bar if you think you've had enough meats for the night, including homemade food for the gods and the best leche flan that you can get this side of Makati, made especially by Kian's mom, of course.

For craft beer lovers, Kite Kebab Bar offers beers from Engkanto, but you can also opt for wine or other types of spirits, just how I like it. 

Mediterranean Keema Fries
 P.S. Their Keema Fries goes so well with beer. Cheers!


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