Heroes Hotel: A Backpacker's Paradise in Manila

Want to check out Manila in a different light? Perhaps something a bit real, more authentic, even a little less on the safe side? Well, I'm not saying it's unsafe to stay at Heroes Hotel, but if you wish to live where you can easily walk at the busy streets of Makati and BGC, then this is not your best option. But I am telling you that this is one of the best hotels that I've ever been to and it's not because of the obvious reasons. 

Heroes Hotel stands tall and proud at the corner of Florentino Torres and South Luzon Expressway. There's really not much to offer when you're outside the building - a view of the housing in front, some residential houses at the back, but there's a 7-11, a damn good barbecue place and a legit pansit joint waiting for you if you plan to stay here. However, it's not even far from where you want to go - you can take a quick ride to high-end places such as Ayala and BGC or take a quick ride to Poblacion where all the bars are.  

For me, Heroes Hotel is not just a hotel, but a place where the owner, Mannie de la Serna, used to showcase his collection of prized pieces from all over the world. That includes tons of Marvel, Beatles, history and sports memorabilia that can be easily seen once you enter the hotel. Be welcomed by 'Iron Mannie', a licensed Iron Man suit bearing his name. 'Make a phone call' at the London phone booth or play at the sleek white piano at the lobby while you wait for your keys when you check in at Heroes Hotel. During that time, I checked in at one of their many Deluxe Rooms facing the expressway.

Heroes Hotel is a great budget-friendly choice for the following: 
- Quick backpackers who wish to stay for a few nights before they travel to other parts of The Philippines. A lot of their guests are usually staying for the night and will be off to Siargao or Coron the next day 
- Long term backpackers who have a very extensive itinerary in the Philippines. We met one who had been travelling around the country for a few months now and he is not stopping any sooner. He's basically family to the Heroes Hotel staff already.
- Guests who wanted to take a quick break from their busy schedules in the city (aka. destress aka. staycation)

Speaking of destress, make sure that you book for an authentic Filipino Hilot session at Shui express inside the hotel. The Whole Body Hilot and Foot Dagdagay Treatments are so relaxing!

The Hotel houses Superior, Deluxe and Dorm Rooms and choosing between these all depends on your purpose and quantity of belongings lol. Most of all, each room features a hero that the owner thinks deserve that spot. There are superheroes, musical, environmental and just every heroes that we might have encountered once or twice in our lives. They've also got special rooms featuring The Beatles and Michael Jordan too!.

This may be a small room, but it's got fresh clean sheets, a cute bathroom, a handy dresser with security vault for all your precious belongings, and Steve Jobs' photo on the wall. The bed is amazing and if only I can take it home! Lol. Kidding!

Heroes Hotel used to not have room service because they discourage eating food in bed (they have an Honest Cafe and that is just fantastic) but just in case you're super tired from walking, they have good food that can be brought to your room for only a few hundred pesos.

Or, take a ride at the majestic hero-inspired elevator and go to their restaurant at the roofdeck and enjoy Filipino food that's simple and delicious.

Oh Manila. You are easily annoying and mesmerizing at the same time.

We tried some good grub like this awesome BBQ platter filled with chicken and pork belly for less than a thousand pesos. This one is good for about 3 to 4 people.

They also have a great version of Kare Kare. One that I would order again if I come back to Heroes Hotel.

Their Honey Glazed Chicken is the bomb. Super good as well!

I really wasn't in the mood for pasta during that time, but my friends loved this simple Pesto topped with chicken as well.

Another super cool room at Heroes Hotel are the dormitories, which is super affordable at less than a thousand pesos per head. 

While Heroes Hotel can provide a sample itinerary for you during your stay, the roofdeck magically converts into a bar set up where you can enjoy and relax over a couple of drinks, or jam with the nightly performers on stage. Who says we have to leave the place, right?

The jacuzzi was a surprise for me because I didn't notice it entirely when we were there for lunch! 

Have a bottle of one of the best beers in the world, right here in Manila.

Like most hotels, if you are not checked in at Heroes hotel, you are still are allowed to go to the bar, restaurant and cafe at their roofdeck. And conveniently, just in case you just had too much to drink, you can simply settle in and sleep at Heroes Hotel!

Waking up the next morning means going to Honesty Cafe and having a good breakfast! They've got eggs, toast, jam, cereal, and pancakes available with drinks such as coffee, milk, tea and juices until around 10am. And the best part is, the owner is literally the one cooking the food for you! Imagine, staying at his house and just hanging our at his kitchen waiting for a good meal!

Checking out is a breeze as well! And it doesn't stop there, because you can still be able to rely on them when it comes to last minute requests such as van rentals or transportation services. Just ask and they will try their best to help!

And who ever said you cannot be a hero yourself? Just in case you have the time and the resources, I suggest to approach the lobby and see if you can get involved in the different outreach programs that the owner organizes form time to time.

P.S. I am very grateful to Mannie, Bekah and the entire Heroes Hotel team for making our stay wonderful and meaningful at the same time.

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Disclosure: All views expressed in this article are from the author.

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