Delicious homebaked desserts done right by Flour Pot Rum Cakes Manila (with latest pricelist)

One of the perks of having tons of foodie friends is when you'd get to try their creations in the kitchen. At some point, we all have to become each other's guinea pig and critic. It's the perfect kind of friendship, don't you think?

Enter Rhea SyCip, who is not new to the food industry. Finishing culinary education from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde and Le Cordon Bleu Dusit, she started working as a Corporate Chef for a chain of Australian Cafes at the age of 23. I met Rhea last year when we were both introduced by some common friends, but it was only a few months ago when we instantly bonded over the best Tagaytay bulalo stopovers and on how provincial cuisine in Cavite should be appreciated more.

“While I was doing my internship, I was asked by my Pastry Chef Instructor if I wanted to try out for a kitchen job. I said yes and went at the restaurant. Halfway through the interview, I realized that I was being processed for a Corporate Chef post. They had 6 branches at the time, I was 23, waiting to get my diploma. An hour after, I got a call, I got the job.” That started her journey in the food industry and since then, she has worked as a chef, chef consultant for major retail brands and for the academe. ‘Most of my students tell me that I make such wonderful desserts and a lot of them already have successful businesses because of the recipes I shared with them,” she discloses.

Friends who have tried her creations have been asking her to get into selling too, but she has always been hesitant. 13 years after, Chef Rhea finally gave in and decided to go full blast with her home bakery. She launched the brand Flour Pot Rum Cakes Manila last year and introduced a spiced cake made from sun-riped bananas and fresh Tagaytay pineapples in light buttercream frosting which she calls the Hummingbird Cake; a sponge cake topped with Benguet Shoga Strawberries which many can identify as Strawberry Shortcake; Avocado Cake with a light sponge cake, avocado custard made from carabao’s milk and avocado buttercream; and chewy Cinnamon Rolls with lemon cream cheese frosting.

Her signature product which was also the biggest hit last season was the Rum Butter Cake. It was the cake that was raved online and offline, from friends to media publications to celebrities and other public figures, this dense rum cake is buttery, boozy and perfect as a simple sweet treat any time of the day. It was so good, it even got the approval of over 100 foodies during the recent Ultimate Taste Test Master's Edition by Our Awesome Planet and the KTG!

Soaked in rum sauce using local and premium small batch rum, the round bundt cake is moist but not soggy, rich but not cloying. It is baked with free-range eggs and artisan butter from Bukidnon and packaged in a pine woodcraft box. “I believe that no matter how big or small your business is, all of us have an opportunity to practice inclusive business. I am a start-up and I know how hard it is to bring your products out there,” Rhea explains her support of local craftsmanship and sustainable baking.

Check out Flour Pot Rum Cakes Manila's Price List as of November 2018:

Signature Rum Butter Cake Dense and moist cake made from free range eggs, artisan butter from Bukidnon, small batch rum and carabao’s milk from Tagaytay. Cake comes in its signature pine wood box. 9 inches Bundt Cake – 1,680.00 4 inches Round Rum Cake – 170.00 minimum of 10 pieces per order Avocado Sponge Cake Light sponge cake layers with avocado inipit cream in between, topped with avocado buttercream made with artisan butter from Bukidnon. 8 inches Round Cake – 1,500.00
Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting Chewy sweet rolls with Saigon Cinnamon Sugar and light lemon cream cheese frosting Box of six – 450.00
Hummingbird Cake Dense spiced cake made from Tagaytay bananas and pineapples with bream cheese buttercream frosting 8 inches Round Cake – 1,500.00

Strawberry Shortcake Light sponge cake layers with Benguet Shoga Strawberries and Inipit icing in between layers, topped with Fresh whipped cream frosting 8 inches Round Cake - 1,500.00

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