Our EPIC Chef’s Table Series Dinner at U-Hotels featuring Chef Decker Gokioco

Poblacion in Makati, which I jokingly coined to my friends as “the place to be”, just keeps getting better and better, business wise at least. While this may be highly evident thanks to more restaurants and bars coming our way in the next few months, on another side, both local residents, landlords and tenants must be prepared in dealing with the nightly noise pollution, high tax rates and overpriced rental fees.

Even Makati Avenue has truly diversified, where its long list of hotel accommodations no longer just cater exclusively to upper A and B markets, but also to C and budget travelers as well, with more backpackers checking in at the hotels along Poblacion. Recently I found out about U-Hotels, one of the newest and highly unique hotels along that stretch and is catered to those with a great interest in art, food and passion. Even its design concept gave me a good impression, wherein the hotel’s owners brought in a group of talented local artists, with each room having a different story to tell.

While I have yet to try and go on a staycation there, one of the country’s best, THE Spanky Enriquez (hehehe!) invited us to a dinner which was held at U-Hotels. It was divided into three different themes: Part 1 was a media sneak peek of the Chef Table Series, featuring Chef Decker Gokioco’s personal and might I say, well-curated menu; Part 2 was a tribute to one of the respected figures from the culinary world, host and journalist, the late Anthony Bourdain, with a few words from Chef Sharwin Tee and Ivan Dy (who was actually on one of the episodes of Anthony’s show No Reservations); and Part 3 was an ‘organized surprise’, I suppose, where owners of Nonie’s Restaurant in Boracay (who were also there during that night) brought their bestsellers straight from the islands and into the city.

Overall, that night was one of the most memorable dinners I have had so far, so congratulations to everyone who made it possible!

And while I have literally NO PHOTOS ON THIS BLOG (my iCloud got all crazy and my files got corrupted, tsk), I assure you that U-Hotel’s Chef Table Series will take you to a whole new experience of dining. Simply put, it gave us a whole new level of interaction between the featured Chef and his/her diners. It’s not just about the Chef’s technique nor the ingredients that he/she used, but more on the stories which were made behind those dishes. And I can say that having to feature Chef Decker not only was super convenient (he’s cousins with the owners) but well-deserved, especially when we found out about his beginnings in the culinary industry and having to balance his career with his family, most especially his dad. Check out the photos from our epic dinner via these blogs:


U-Hotels is located at Poblacion, Makati! For more information, follow them on Facebook and Instagram! Or visit their website here: http://uhotels.ph/

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