Check out my 5 exclusive tips when creating your #MayaHotcakeArt at home! Plus join the #MayaHotcakeArt Competition for awesome prizes!

Hotcakes are a classic and beloved breakfast staple, and who doesn't love digging into these delicious, golden brown pieces with maple syrup and fresh butter.

Best of all, no one needs to be a master chef or an expert artist to do them! Because MAYA Hotcakes are wonderfully easy to make, there is a multitude of creative ways to whip them up, that you’ll want to explore fresh and fun ways to cook, plate and eat them. Thankfully, I was able to learn about #HotcakeArt101 at the famous Maya Kitchen Culinary Arts Center in Makati.

MAYA is simply the most recognized hotcake brands in the country, having recognized creative talents via hotcake art demos, and an exhibit featuring four local artists. You can check out more of when you visit @MayaHotcakesandMore on Instagram.

Here’s 5 easy tips when making #MayaHotcakeArt at home!

Use the right tools. Great things not only come from the person doing it, but the materials that he used to create it. So when making great hotcake art (and plain ol' good hotcakes in general), keep in mind that non-stick pans and spatulas are the best option for this. If you have no other choice but use a stainless steel pan, create a lighter coating of grease by using oil spray instead of the actual oil. And the best hotcake art is when you use squeeze bottles rather than spoons or ladles to create more control over the shapes that you would like to create.

Build your palette. Make sure that the colors you are using are food grade. Also try to check on how primary colors can be mixed to create secondary colors.

Temperatures are crucial. Make sure that your pan is too hot that it might burn your hotcake, nor too cold that it won't cook at all. The results of your colors will also vary depending on the level of heat from your stove. Pro tip: don't turn on the stove just yet, so you'll have time to adjust your heat later.

A little practice goes a long way. This one doesn’t even require any effort. Simply use some cookie cutters to turn your hotcakes into stars, animals, and other shapes!

Go crazy over sauces and toppings. My personal tip would be to maximize the use of fruits rather than too sweet sauces or sprinkles (but sometimes, a little bit of this doesn't hurt, so go for it!). Remember, while kids are enjoying making their art, it also means that they have to literally eat this once they are done making it. Not only are we making hotcake art making enjoyable, but super delish and healthy too! Everybody is happy!

Confident in your Hotcake Art creations? Join the #MayaHotcakeArt contest to show off your tasty designs. All you need to do is follow Maya Hotcakes and More on Facebook and Instagram and post a photo of your Hotcake Art with the hashtag #MayaHotcakeArt. Don’t forget to make sure that the post is public! Next, spread the fun of Hotcake Art by getting your friends to like, comment, and share the post!

You can send in your entries from September 1 to October 31, 2018. The September winner will be announced on October 7, while the October winner will be revealed on November 7. Submissions will be judged based on creativity, visual appeal, and social media engagement. 2 very lucky winners will score P20,000 worth of Maya products and a free pass to one of Maya Kitchen’s lifestyle classes!

Why wait around then? Whip out your squeeze bottles and let the hotcake designing commence! With Maya, all cooking is happy cooking!

Follow and like MayaHotcakesandMore on Facebook, and @MayaHotcakesandMore on Instagram and Twitter. For more information on this, log on to , e-mail , or visit The Maya Kitchen Culinary Center every Tuesday to Saturday at 8F Liberty Building, 835 A. Arnaiz Avenue (Pasay Road), Makati City. You may also call us at 8921185, 892-5011 local 108, or +63929 679 6102.

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