Drunken Chilean Mussels & Chorizo (Recipe)

I never thought that this recipe would be so easy, but then again, finding the right ingredients may be quite difficult as I don't want to waste my kitchen efforts on something that isn't of good quality in the first place.

Some tips on where to get good ingredients when you're in Manila:

- All Santi's, Bacchus outlets
- Brera if you're in Alabang
- For the Chilean mussels, try the brand called Pacific Bay, which is available in selected major supermarkets
- Baguettes should definitely come from a good local bakery (like The French Baker) or any good deli that offers damn good bread
- Aguila, another local brand, is something that you can easily get in supermarkets, which sells good Spanish chorizo.

I cooked mine in a paella pan, and you can even add white beans to make it a bit more hearty (as advised by a good Spanish friend of mine)

As for my last tip -- do enjoy making this dish!

1 pack frozen Chilean mussels (uncooked), drained 2 tbsps extra virgin olive oil 3 cloves garlic sliced 1 white onion chopped 1/2 tsp chili flakes 1 link spanish chorizo, sliced diagonally 2 fresh tomatoes, diced 3/4 c red or white wine (depending on your preference) Chopped parsley and/or lemon rind Optional: Spinach leaves White beans Serve with lemon wedges and garlic bread

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