Last chance to try this month's 'July Specials' at Mighty Quinns!

When you find out that Pitmaster and Chef/Owner of Mighty Quinn's Hugh Mangum is coming to the Philippines for the 4th of July, it's usually a big deal. And that's true, because who else should be launching Mighty Quinn's 4th of July BBQ Specials but him, right?? And he did. And a lot of people came to celebrate!

I was out and about that day, working and hanging out with my good friend and The Plaza Catering heiress Karla, paused for a quick coffee/snack and then went straight to Mighty Quinn's before the program started. Hugh was already there, but he was still checking out the food which was to be served during that night.

Meantime, we had some drinks on tap from local craft beer supplier Joe's Brew: the Fish Rider Pale Ale and the Sierra Madre Wheat Ale. I liked the Pale Ale more because of its sweet aroma. But like all sweet alcohol, this one can kick you right up after a few glasses.

Maybe Mighty Quinn's can also try to consider using more durable pieces of drinking cups for diners? I didn't have this thing before but now I'm more concerned about single-use plastics, so I do hope they can do something about it :)

Moving on, here's Hugh as he brought us a plate of his world-famous beef brisket, which turned into an instant photoshoot, lol!

For appetizers, we had some Dirty Fries which was topped with burnt ends. Corn Fritters are also available and super good too! 

Here's our menu during that night:

And when the program finally started, everyone was shouting and screaming as we say cheers to 4th of July and Mighty Quinn's! Because they wanted things to happen NY style, we were told to line up for our food instead of waiting for it to arrive on our table.

And lo and behold - on each tray is a combination of all their newest items for this month: the Beast Burger, which has four times more meat than their original Brisket Burgers; the Spare Ribs Unagi, sweet and sticky St. Louis cut spare ribs, doused with a caramelized unagi sauce; and a moundful of my favorite sweet potato chips!

They also served the Manila Creamsicle Milkshake, vanilla milkshake with a spike of calamansi and topped with a biscoff cookie, but it was all gone before I took a photo of it. Hahahaha!

Some of their most loved items were also featured on display for photos, such as this huge Brontosaurus Rib!

And some more photogenic servings of Spare Ribs and Burgers. Belated Happy 4th of July and see you again at Mighty Quinn's soon!

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