Of Anthony Bourdain, Unagi and Chibo Okonomiyaki at The Podium

I must say that being a foodie has its perks, and I'm not talking just about free food, because as much as people might think. it's not all 'just about the food'. As I write this post, I still can't get over the fact that one of the world's culinary heroes, Anthony Bourdain, died yesterday, June 8, because he was depressed and committed suicide. He was the guy that every chef, every foodie, every traveler wanted to be. But amidst the pretentious perfection that we almost see on social media, there he was, just being human like everybody else. He was strong, taking over the challenges of drug addiction and he, from exposing the true hardships in the kitchen and culinary industry, became one who was just damn curious about life, and not just about the food - he was featuring people, cultures, and the vast complications of human condition. 

For those who are passionate, food is an interesting mix of edible reflections; of stories, of history, of people. And as I fondly remembered Tony's Okonomiyaki experience in Japan (and the time he was ranting about karaoke and ended up going there anyway), somehow, at the moment I was relieved to know that I no longer have to hurry myself traveling to Osaka because I can just get the real deal at Chibo Okonomiyaki, which is more popularly known as the 'King of Okonomiyaki' in Osaka, Japan.

Butatama Okonomiyaki

From different variants of Okonomiyaki (one even has having a mountain of meringue on top of it), good rice bowls, teppan and noodles, Chibo is the place to be if you want to enjoy authentic Japanese food. 

Can't say much about their Yakisoba because it's really super good.

The Gyoza Teppan was initially unusual for me (flat gyozas?) but heck, these are some of the tastiest morsels I have ever popped in my mouth.

Gyoza Teppan
Chibo Okomiyaki first stepped into the Philippines at Conrad S Maison, which was actually a bit far from my house. So by the time that I finally visited the place, it was at The Podium, which is now a bit more closer, but not too close still, or maybe it depends on the day and the traffic situation.

Mix Seafood Ju
I also tried their Premium Executive Meals, which I will be too keen to order when I come back to Chibo. From Mixed Seafood, to US Angus Beef, to Burgers, there's definitely something depending on your mood.

U.S. Angus Steak Ju

Hamburger Steak with Teriyaki Sauce

Cheese Hamburger Steak with Teriyaki Sauce
My personal favorite though is the Unagi Kabayaki Ju, or Japanese eel with some white rice, miso soup, potato salad and iced tea. Been craving for this lately so I am looking forward to visiting Chibo soon!

Unagi Kabayaki Ju
Lastly, just in time for the rainy season, Chibo Okonomiyaki's Oden Meal is something different but a must-try: a one-pot dish made of eggs, daikon, fishcakes in a tasty broth, served ith a side of grilled salmon, salad and rice. It's a regional dish in Japan, so if you are curious just like me, make sure you give this a go sometine (and let me know what you think).

The Oden Meal
Happy weekend, be kind, and just keep on livin'! And if ever I have readers who are currently facing depression, we're here to help you and listen to you. Stay safe y'all!

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