Your new reason to hang out (again) at BGC: check out Mimi & Bros.!

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Despite the fact that a lot of people are now turning their backs on BGC and moving to hipster hangouts in Poblacion, Makati, a brightly lit marquee that reads HAPPY is what greets you in this new gathering place in BGC. A rather fresh concept patterned after the walk up bars in L.A. with immediate access to the street outside, Mimi & Bros. is a breath of fresh air, literally. 

In its highly visible corner location in Crossroads on 32nd Street in BGC, Mimi & Bros. tries to seamlessly blend the indoors and the world beyond. And yes guys, there is still a reason to hang out a BGC. 

Come late afternoon when it's not so hot outside, the doors swing open – and we mean really wide open – so that you can enjoy your beer and bar chow with a side of breeze. From an air-conditioned area, it suddenly turns into your own roof deck veranda.

Who doesn’t want that? Uninhibited access to the bar from the street? That’s why we designed the place this way, with sliding doors and with big splashes of green on the walls and ceiling, because we live in a concrete jungle and we could use more open space, even a place to eat or drink in,” explains Mica Tan (or Mimi), full time CEO (and one of the youngest in the country, we hear) of a private equity group, part-time world explorer and food enthusiast. 

Mimi grew up seeing her much older siblings throw parties at home, and their more than decades-wide gap meant she was mostly a spectator. “This time, I get to party with my brothers in a setting that is actually inspired by our roof deck veranda, where all of those parties took place. More importantly, this is also my sanctuary from my work– which is just right across on 32nd Street.” 

Mimi is 25, by the way.

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The whole bringing-the-outdoors-in situation makes hanging out at Mimi & Bros. for a quick lunch pit stop or a drink and a meal after a day’s grind a very relaxing proposition. The menu hard hitters include Mimi’s Fried Chicken, Chicharon-Crusted Chops, and Rootbeer BBQ Ribs.

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“We had a little fun with the menu,” says chef/partner Edward Bugia who is also the same chef behind some of the most noted restaurants in Manila such as Pino, Pipino, Burger Project and Backyard Manila, as well as popular food hubs like Malingap Central Food Hall. “We love our chicken so we have it in different ways – paired with rice and sides, in a sandwich with a chicken chop as big as my hand, on a Caesar salad, even wings tossed in mango jalapeno sauce (a must try). Our burgers, we made just as interesting. And you can’t get more interesting than one that’s 30% bacon. I can eat that everyday.”

To complete the experience, everything on the menu can be paired with Mimi & Bros. signature sauces – Bastard BBQ, Rootbeer BBQ, Kimchi Mayo, Hot Honey, Cilantro Sour Cream, Cilantro Mayo, Mango Jalapeno, and the House Blend Hottie. Mixing and matching is highly encouraged!

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Mimi & Bros. will be serving up some killer libations as well. Don’t leave without trying the Lazy Old Fashioned. Or for those wanting an extra kick, The Bros. Cuban Cigar made with dark rum and homemade tobacco syrup with a hint of chocolate. Craft and local beers are also on the drink menu.

Mimi & Bros. is now open from 11am to 12mn on weekdays and up to 2am on weekends. 

For inquiries, reservations and general information, check them out on social:
IG @mimi_and_bros or 
Facebook /mimi&bros.

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Disclosure: This is an edited press release from Mimi & Bros.

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