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No BS, just BC: say hello to a bigger and better Bullchef in Kapitolyo!

While I am still not that familiar with the Kapitolyo food scene, I usually only go there for two things: silog and barbecue. Yet, deep in my mind I was always curious, not to mention, amused whenever I pass by Bullchef's signage along E. Capitol Drive (because it obviously sounds like BS, or simply called - bulls***, hehe).

Fast forward to 2018, about 5++ years since Bullchef opened, I met up with a friend there at and hoped it isn't just another bulalohan. At first, I wasn't able to imagine it considering that in my memory the place was kinda small, only to find out that it's now located at a bigger and better location along San Rafael Street.

Later on, we were both chowing down a plate of Sisig Na, May Nacho Pa and sipping on white wine. The place, surprisingly, is now bigger, with two floors and ample space for karaoke upstairs; while an area at the ground floor becomes a stage every Friday for weekly gigs from various local musicians.

Nines vs. Food - Bullchef Kapitolyo Pasig - Bulalo Restaurant in Manila.jpg
Sisig Na, May Nacho Pa
Bullchef was a familiar name especially because they have already been featured by a popular morning TV show in Manila, so you know that this is an instant hit among the bulalo loving crowd. 

And my love for bone marrow just got stronger when we got this bowl of AsimBULL, or a sinigang version of Bulalo. I already assured myself to be eating a lot all throughout that night as soon as I saw not just one, but two bone marrows! 

Nines vs. Food - Bullchef Kapitolyo Pasig - Bulalo Restaurant in Manila-2.jpg

Nines vs. Food - Bullchef Kapitolyo Pasig - Bulalo Restaurant in Manila-3.jpg

Good thing we balanced out the fatty goodness of the shanks with some veggies too - thanks to PinakBEBE for the win! I just love vegetables cooked with shrimp paste, more so when there's a lot of chicken and pork which isn't more of a topping but also as an addition to the different textures of the entire dish.

Nines vs. Food - Bullchef Kapitolyo Pasig - Bulalo Restaurant in Manila-4.jpg

But Bullchef, I must say, is not for the faint of heart. It may have turned out to be a joke when I asked the resto's chef if a hospital is located nearby, coz damn, this is one legit Pinoy meat heaven! If this is not for you health wise, I urge you not to push it! But say you can devour on everything that is served in this joint, just kick it with some Pineapple Juice if you feel a little bit dizzy, especially after a few mouthfuls of BULLsisig with egg

Nines vs. Food - Bullchef Kapitolyo Pasig - Bulalo Restaurant in Manila-5.jpg

And just when you thought I already reached my limits, the LECHUnami arrived and it was fatty, crispy and is perfect for me. Served with fried tomatoes, salted egg and liver sauce, this is one of their quick meals that you can grab on a lunchtime (if you work nearby the area).

Nines vs. Food - Bullchef Kapitolyo Pasig - Bulalo Restaurant in Manila-6.jpg

Generally, Bulalo one of those dishes that we truly consider comfort food, and if you seek for something authentic, then you have to try the BULLchef Special and the Ultimate BULLChef Special.

If you are new to Filipino food, Bulalo is a dish that's made simply by simmering beef shanks with a few basic seasonings for hours. There are tons of variations that you can find in the Philippines, using different combinations of vegetables depending on where you are. You'll then get a clear and rich broth that's oozing with fatty goodness, with meat so tender that it melts in your mouth. The best part of the meat, I think, are the ones with the special collagen lining. Just imagining myself dipping them in a sauce made with calamansi, fish sauce and red finger chilies already makes my mouth salivated with hunger. UGH. MORE RICE PLEASE!

Nines vs. Food - Bullchef Kapitolyo Pasig - Bulalo Restaurant in Manila-7.jpg

And finally, if you already noticed on how playful the names of Bullchef's dishes are, wait 'til you try their FLAMBEshymae, made with caramelized banana and apples with cinnamon, flamed and served with cream. As I've said to my friend, this photo may not really look as appetizing, but maybe if you try it you might be surprised on how good this is. Overall, a great ending to our meal too!

Nines vs. Food - Bullchef Kapitolyo Pasig - Bulalo Restaurant in Manila-8.jpg

There are lots of items to choose from at Bullchef, so I suggest looking or reviewing their menu  and see what you like so you're sure to get your money's worth. From my personal experience, the servings are good and the prices are reasonable, and dishes I tried are worth coming back for

How was your experience at Bullchef? Feel free to share your comments below!

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Disclosure: All views expressed in this article are from the author.


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