Fusion food made nice: Made Nice Supper Club in Legaspi Village, Makati

When I visited Made Nice Supper Club in Legaspi Village exactly four days after I arrived from Amsterdam, it felt like I was at Trance City all over again. To make it more convincing, check out Restaurant AS near Prinses Irenestraat.

You can easily call them as MNSC, a local neighborhood resto with a rustic yet modern ambiance serving international food with Asian and French influences. It's owned by a group of young and talented individuals forming the Greatfull Inc. Group: husband and wife duo Jack Flores and Gabbi Ramos-Flores, Wren Go, Aaron Cabagay, Raul Fores and Toby Panlilio, along with their hardworking team leading the kitchens every night.

Initially (and obviously because of how they are named), the restaurant only offers menus for supper, but since about a month ago, they now started to offer lunch, which is slowly getting attention from those who are craving for decent food made fast (and nice), including myself, who is just working a few blocks away from MNSC. This brought a very wide opportunity for me to try it with my foodie friends whom I haven't seen in the last few weeks.

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And really, that 15-minute walk that I took under the hot and scorching sun with no breakfast was so worth it. While going through this post, feel free to virtually enjoy a delicious and exquisite array of dishes with the use of local and seasonal ingredients -- most of which have been sourced in collaboration with local farmers. The dishes below will still be available until the next month or two, so make sure you come back again soon and discover other creations from the MNSC team.

If only I wasn't working I should have ordered some wine or a nice cocktail along with all these. Eitherway, it's only a good thing. It's all the more reason that I need to go back to MNSC again.

Nice Tea (available for lunch and dinner)

Bread supplied by Toyo Eatery with Salmon Spread, Ravioli, Carbonara and Gnocchi (available for Lunch)

Salads which look so similar than the ones I used to eat at Symphony Cafe in Amsterdam (available for lunch)

Garganelli and the majestic Uni Tagliolini (available for Lunch)


Tuna Sandwich with Egg and Fontina on Sourdough (available for Lunch)

Chicken Sandwich with Mango and Coleslaw (available for Lunch)

Croque Madame and USDA Blend Burger (available for Lunch)

Prawn in Kataifi Pastry with Egg and Truffle Oil (available for Lunch)

Octopus with Teriyaki, Gojuchang ad Bonito (available for Dinner)

Vegatable Tacos (available for Lunch)

Squid Ink with Vinegar and Curry Leaves (available for Lunch)

Two-way Tuna [Spicy or Tartare] (available for Dinner)

Foie Gras with Scallop, Egg White and Rice (available for Dinner)

Fried Chicken (available for Lunch)

Oyakodon (available for Lunch)

Pork Belly with Egg and Vegatables (available for Lunch)

Deconstructed Pork with Tamarind, Taro and Okra (available for Dinner)

700g USDA Prime Rib (available for Lunch)

Duck with Peach, Sesame Seeds and Broccoli (available for Dinner)

Mackarel with Miso, Kale and rice (available for Dinner)

Guava Dessert with Sake, Cream and Flowers (available for Dinner)

Bread Dessert with Sourdough, Milk and Chestnut (available for Lunch)

Yuzu with Smoked Chocolate, Biscuit and Crumble (available for Dinner)

Chestnut Dessert with Vanilla, Milk Chocolate and Pastry (available for Dinner)

Ice Cream Sandwich with Cocoa, Almond and Cream (available for Dinner)

Banana Pudding with Vanilla, Biscuits and Cream
For queries and table reservations, visit their Facebook page today: https://www.facebook.com/MadeNicePH/?ref=br_rs

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