Intimate Drinking Plus 'Chika' Sesh at Oz Roofdeck Bar at Holiday Inn

"Whachu doin? Nothin chillin at the Holiday Inn" 

I can hear Chingy's lyrics while I fixed my things before I left the office to enjoy a good walk. It's no coincidence, because that night I was literally on my way to Holiday Inn Manila, which is located in the heart of Makati beside Glorietta 1. 

No need to memorize any floor numbers, just press RD when you're in the elevator which will lead you to their Roof Deck, a place where you can find their pool, spa, and Oz Bar, a hidden roof deck bar, a snazzy exclusive venue originally intended for Holiday Inn Guests, is now open to the public daily from 11AM to 12MN. Chill, listen to some good music, most of all, enjoy some good grub and drinks just like what we did a few weeks ago! 

The purpose of our visit at Oz Bar was not only to check out the delicious food ans drinks that they are serving, but it was when I finally got to catch up with some of my friends from The KTG! I've been mentioning them over and over again but it doesn't justify the number of times I have enjoyed good food and stories with my friends, not to mention, catching up on one of my friends from Holiday Inn's Marketing Team!

Salmon Rilettes
It was a Thursday and with no plans of getting drunk, I admit that the alcohol kicked in after a few glasses of wine. Then again, what is good food without good wine, right???

Gancia Pinot di Pinot Brut and Mexican Nachos

So we had our munchies in the form of Mexican Nachos, Fish and Chips, Breaded and Fried Squid, Croquettes, Pizza and Beef Salpicao (with rice!) - and I am not bias when I say this but everything is perfecto! The fries from the Fish and Chips were incredibly light and crispy and fluffy, just like how great fries should be! 

Fish and Chips
It's obvious that the menu is extensive and covers a number of popular cuisines. And the drink selections are not bad either!

This pizza is scrumptious in both taste and looks! Woot.

New York Pizza
We literally had rice while eating this because why not?

Beef Salpicao with Mushrooms and Shallots
Crispy Squid Rings and wine is the best combo ever.

So there! If you think you've already seen the entire chillout scene in the area, then you're absolutely wrong. Make Oz Roof Deck Bar your next nightlife destination in Makati this year!

For reservations at Oz Bar, you may call 909-0888 or visit their sites and pages: and

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