How To Enjoy Sage Bespoke Grill's Sunday BBQ Brunch at Makati Shangri-la in 4 Easy Steps!

Brunch lovers, unite! Sage Bespoke Grill, one of the signature dining destinations inside Makati Shangri-la which I highly recommend, is doing a Sunday BBQ Brunch every weekend until the end of March 2018. 

Php2,000 net per person includes an all-access pass to their available interactive food stations inside the restaurant. But if you would like to enjoy it even more, an additional Php800 gets you unlimited servings of house wine, beer and soda. 

You can never go wrong with this lavish but super satisfying deal in celebration of a milestone, spend time with your family, or on a special date with that someone (I'm getting all giddy coz Valentines is almost here again hihi- ANYWAY)

Fact is, this will definitely bring out the caveman in you. 

Want to know some tips on how to maximize your Sunday BBQ Brunch at Sage?

See what I did below!

1 - Pace yourself...with appetizers and more

If you aren't allergic to anything, then the best way to go is start with some cheese, deli, soup, breads and a salad. And not just any salad because at Sage you can find a number of good options displayed at one of the food stations. Better yet, get an entire plate of their Caesar Salad at a separate station, where they can heat up some fresh bacon, which is more like guanciale in my opinion. They're thick and crispy and delicious I tell you!

Smoked Salmon is always a good choice too.

These Buffalo Chicken Wings spiked with Sriracha is surprisingly sweet with a hint of heat.

Get these Crab Cakes for a different twist.

I LOVE BREAD smeared with some good quality butter.

Check out their Caesar Salad station!

2 - Have a drink (or two....or three...or more)!

Stay healthy (lol) with unlimited servings of either Virgin Mary, Bloody Mary or Sparkling Apple!

As for me, I chose the Sparkling Apple because I'd drank the night before and prefer to stay slightly hydrated when I was at Sage. I must say I think I ate a lot of veggies during that time, which was super satisfying for me!

3 - Beat the meat!

Because Sage is known for high-quality carvings and grilled meats, then you should try their burgers, California Wraps, Sausages, and other grilled meats such as beef and pork! Let's get on to the main event, shall we?

During my visit, they had Cajun style Grilled Chicken, Marinated Beef Broil. Wagyu Beef Skirt with Chimichurri, Miami Style Short Ribs, Tex Mex Burgers, this massive sausage made of pork, and California Wraps!

Miami Style Beef Short Ribs are both sweet and savory!

Don't forget the sides, okay?

My first plate! I got to enjoy my meats with some mashed potatoes, asparagus and a wedge salad.

My second plate! Food coma was kicking in but - Must. Eat. More.

4 - Save room for dessert! ALWAYS!

It took me a few good minutes of rest before I headed to the dessert station. It's a paradise for those who would like to indulge their sweet tooth!

Try the Josper Grilled Banana and top it with your choice of chocolate, caramel or fruit sauce.

Like a kid getting a present on a random day, huh. Get your share of doughtnuts here!

Plus cakes and pastries abound the station.

Presenting, the Tower of Goodness. 
As in goodness-gracious-can-I-just-have-the-capacity-to-try-everything?

If there's churros, then there's Churro Pops.

Mallow Pies and S'mores!

I got Pistachio Ice Cream too. Happy tummy here!

Sage Bespoke Grill is located at  the second level of Makati Shangri-La, Manila, Ayala Avenue corner Makati Avenue, Makati City or call (632) 813-8888 for inquiries and reservations.

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Disclosure: All views expressed in this article are from the author.

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