Nines' Picks for 2017: One of the best restaurants in Baguio goes to...Cafe Adriana by Hill Station!

One can only appreciate the majestic views of Baguio city when you explore its outskirts. And that includes finding hidden gastronomic spots like Cafe Adriana by Hill Station which is, in my opinion, one of the must-try restaurants in Baguio today.

It's setting is located inside Outlook Ridge Residences along Outlook Drive, which is a few minutes away from Grand Sierra Pines Baguio where we stayed. The proximity is perfect, and I had no problem walking for a couple with my friends because of the perfectly cool breeze outside.

Yes, I admit, it took me a few months to write this, but only because I want to make this special. I had to wait for the last day of the year to finally share it. 

Get your share of the best Spanish cuisine with love made by Mitos Benitez YƱiguez, who owns the Hill Station group of restaurants in the city. If Hill Station is well-known for its diversity of its food, Cafe Adriana is like coming inside Mitos' home for the first time, as she mentioned that a lot of the food served at the restaurant is what she and her family used to enjoy with her family.

Duck and Chicken Liver Pate on Toast
She also made it perfectly clear that we were one of the first bloggers / influencers whom she had the opportunity to eat and make great conversations with. And to be part of that small intimate group that day was not just an honor, but a perfectly sketched memory in my head, and my tummy! 

Eggplant Caponata

The food was wonderful, healthy, and oh so fresh, thanks to the lush abundance of great ingredients available in Baguio. Not to mention, the prices of the dishes which are surprisingly affordable.

And drinking Frozen Mojitos for lunch is one of the best highlights during my visit at Cafe Adriana. 

Frozen Mojito
If only I can live here, I'd be here every week.

Cafe Adriana Salad
And it's obvious that Cafe Adriana is not just living up to the hype. What they serve is real, good food that you can eat everyday. Having all these wonderful ingredients altogether make not just for a satisfied tummy but a satisfied physique as well.

Check out the other photos below, and I am really hoping I could come back to this place. Oh how I wish I;d have the time to travel there next month. Happy New Year everyone!

Brick Oven Pizza
From their tapas, to appetizers, to pizza, to paellas and desserts. Everything was delicious!

Lengua, Setas y Aceitunas
One of the conversations which resonated was about Mitos' valuing the importance of anything local about Baguio. It's where she practically grew up, and she is a bit worried about dying traditions in the region, which is why she hope to continue doing her best to preserve what is left like rituals and offerings and such. We also had a chance to meet her son who was also very hands-on with their family business. 

Bottled goodies for sale at their pantry
Mussel and Clam Marinera


Local Ice Cream

Mitos' own coffee blend

Leche Flan Cheesecake.

Locations of their other restaurants

Easy. Breezy. Beautiful.

Perfect view. Perfect weather. 

I'd come back here for some wine and tapas, thank you.

These reheatable food packs are perfect takeaways for those living in the condo as well!

Never go back to Manila without purchasing their preserved / frozen delicacies

I'm going back for the Fabada!

Yes, Pinoy Caviar is real.

Missing all the people in this photo! See you soon guys!

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