Feast on everything under the sun at 2 Lazcano Place


To be honest, 2 Lazcano Place was a surprise for me. This is because I've been to many food hubs in Manila but somehow the places that I've been to just don't have the food that I am looking for -- the food that would make me want to come back in that place again and again. But at 2 Lazcano Place, it's like the only thing missing is having to live near the area just to become fully satisfied with food.

I don't think I can categorize the place as a food park though. It's not all glamorous and hipster looking here, unlike the other food hubs I've been to in the past. It's just a simple compound with different mini-restos working and supporting each other. Everyone here is considered family, and I mean that literally.

With only three independent tenants, 2 Lazcano Place houses different food spots that are managed by family members, each of them showcasing their culinary strengths and favorite cuisines. Whether it's Filipino, Japanese, Wine or Cakes and Pastries, there is always something for everyone at 2 Lazcano Place.

I tried everything during my visit with my KTG fam exactly a weekend ago, and it was such a blast! Everything that we tried are so so good, no BS included. And one of my favorite things at 2 Lazcano Place is the concept of cross ordering from one food spot to another. Don't know what that means? Check out the photos of the things that we tried during that day, because I loved all of them. But my most memorable dishes which I hope you could try are the following:

- Pinakbet Rice with Seafood from Kusina Juan Republika
- Hito with Buro't Mustasa from Kusina Juan Republika
- Sisig a la Manila from Kusina Juan Republika
- Krispy Pata from Kusina Juan Republika
- Katsudon from Bento & Co.
- Sangria (carafe size) from Little Wine Haus
- Dulong with Crackers from Little WIne Haus
- Waffogato from The Brewology
- Ethiopian Coffee from The Brewology
- Ms. Polly's Chocolate Cake from Urbanidad Cafe

I'm definitely coming back at 2 Lazcano Place soon. See you!


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