My truly relaxing getaway at Estancia Resort Hotel Tagaytay!

If you think the holidays are over (at least for us in Manila who weren't able to go to work because of the ASEAN summit), well, it's not over people. Wait until December comes! And with Tagaytay becoming a favorable spot for most of us who needs to get a break from the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila, you might be thinking as to where you can stay. 

'twas a foggy afternoon in Tagaytay
To be totally honest, I sometimes hate going to vacations where I feel that I am not. Think about this -- checking in at a hotel where it's too busy and the crowd isn't all that different from your everyday life back in the city.

If I were to stay anywhere in Tagaytay, it has to be a place where I can think, calm my mind and reflect while I can. After all, shouldn't you be relaxing instead of going with the flow (of people, that is)? So I thought I'd give Estancia Resort Hotel a try.

Our deluxe room in Estancia
During the time we were there was when we had to attend the wedding of a good friend at Los Arboles. We checked in just a little bit after lunch to keep our things there and did a little prep before heading to church that afternoon.

Clean sheets, clean towels
We stayed at one of the Santorini rooms, where you can choose if you prefer two single beds or a double occupancy bed. By the looks of it, it's obvious that they are inspired by the blue and white villas in one of the best and romantic spots in the world. The room was quite far from the reception -- we had to walk past the main building and the pool, and had to ride a go-kart after, because we reached this destination.

Simple and peaceful
Along with the calming cool breeze and quiet terrain outside our balcony, we enjoyed a no-wifi area so that means more time for doing really productive things such as reading a book, writing or probably doing yoga (if you're into it).

I literally got addicted with these oatmeal cookies!
My most favorite part of the room is the balcony, and these oatmeal cookies! Don't be fooled, they might look so simple but they are somewhat in the middle of being light and slightly chewy, just the way I like it! Have this with some tea and I hope you'll like it too!

Here is their menu in the room is you prefer trying out their other delicious dishes.

Room Service Menu
I was hoping I could try the Sauna and Jacuzzi, but because we had to attend a wedding later that afternoon, we had to pass. There's a next time though!

Estancia's amenities guideline
If only I can wake up like this everyday! Look at that breathtaking view from outside -- yes, that cool fog is my breathtaking view! Loving it because I feel like I am literally on top of the clouds! :)

That view though!
I'm not too sure how many people go to Tagaytay to swim, but just in case, here is a good view of their pool.

Not in the mood for pool dipping, but I'm satisfied with the relaxing view
You can even hang out in this other veranda type area near the pool. Just stunning.

The way to Estancia's mountain view and function rooms
After attending my friend's wedding the night before, it was during the next day where I had a good breakfast near the hotel's reception area while I enjoy the awesome view of Taal Volcano. This Bacon with Egg and Garlic Rice was my breakfast of champions, but you can also choose from Tocino, Tapa or Dried fish.

An awesome breakfast....Bacon and Eggs for me!
And it's true, at Estancia, there's no such thing as a stressed vacation. If you want peace and quiet, then this is definitely your place of choice when visiting Tagaytay.

See you soon, Tagaytay!
Estancia Resort Hotel Tagaytay also accommodates events and other functions. To inquire, you may visit their site here -


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