Chef Myrna Segismundo whips up Filipino flavors for the holidays at the Maya Kitchen!

Filipino cuisine deserves to be celebrated— not limited as our comfort food favorite at home, but as something to be proud of and shared to the world. That’s what Chef Myrna Segismundo believes, and has passionately advocated for throughout her long and illustrious career. A career that she started while she was growing up in their family's home in Batangas. According to her, it was in the Segismundo kitchen where she earned her culinary degree.

From working the kitchens of the finest hotels in the Philippines and New York City, serving food and teaching classes in her restaurant New Manila: A Private Kitchen, helping aspiring chefs as the organizer and chair for The National Food Showdown, holding Filipino Food Festivals all around the world, serving as editor-in-chief of a food magazine and host of two cooking shows, and authoring two books—Chef Myrna has been perfecting and promoting our local cuisine, making her one of the most-respected chefs in the Filipino food scene. Now, she is bringing her expertise and passion to The Maya Kitchen Culinary Elite Series.

For Chef Myrna, Filipino food does not need to be made gourmet or fused with other cuisines to be good. For people who didn’t grow up with it, they will appreciate its sheer deliciousness and uniqueness. But for us Filipinos, our cuisine holds a special place in our hearts. It’s special because of the memories and emotions we have attached to it. It reminds us of home, of family, and of comfort.

That’s why, for a holiday that’s so meaningful and family-oriented, there’s nothing better to serve our loved ones than the Filipino Flavors of Christmas. Chef Myrna is teaching the Culinary Elite Series participants how they can whip up a special feast for family and friends this season. Learn how to make a delectable appetizer of Adobo Pate, a fresh Salad of Ubod and Pomelos with honeyed-patis dressing, a hearty and filling Morcon a la Emilia, and a sweet ending of the Turones de Manila with a bit of whiskey and ice cream.

Adobo Pate (with additional styling by ahem, moi haha)

Ubod and Pomelo Salad

Morcon a la Emilia
By keeping the flavors and ingredients local, and making use of staple ingredients at home (even scraps, as she mentioned during her demo), traditional dishes such as adobo and turon can be made with a twist, yet still give us the familiar and cherished memories we have of our Filipino food favorites. And because Chef Myrna’s dishes highlight the tastes we’ve grown up with, cooking these holiday dishes will be more fun than challenging.

Turones de Manila
Pick up cooking techniques and lessons and a renewed appreciation for Filipino food when you join Chef Myrna at The Maya Kitchen Culinary Elite Series. Anyone with a passion for food, cooking, and learning can join the best chefs and restauranteurs in the country as they share their skills and knowledge in the Culinary Elite Series.

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