Seeing Life in Pink: 'La Vie En Rosé' Happy Hour at Mirèio Terrace Raffles Makati

I can't forget that perfect moment when I witnessed the sky as it turned to a bluish pink hue, like somehow it talked to me and said that my life is going to be just fine. 

A few days before this moment, we were experiencing bad weather in Manila. I was getting sick and equally, these circumstances almost took a toll on me. I was getting unproductive and easily irritated, particularly with a few people surrounding my life now.

In a nutshell, I literally thought these people were friends to begin with. Because of these kinds of frustrations, I was already at a point where I would like to give up my job. Imagine, turning my energy around for these people? To be honest, I became stupid and frustrated. 

But when I saw the beautiful sky during my visit at Mirèio Terrace in Raffles Makati, I began to put things into perspective: and now, I am officially putting it on record, I BASICALLY SHOULDN'T HAVE TO CARE ABOUT THESE GUYS ANYMORE. I'm no longer gonna waste my energy for them, and now, I feel better.

As they say, life teaches you many things, and this include having to encounter and tolerate user friendly losers along the way. Today, while I write this post, I am officially relieving myself from all the bullshit in my life. Not that I am not as strong as I think myself to be, but I just have to accept that some people are unique on their own and that includes not understanding them the way I used to. 

So anyway, going back to the sky, and my cocktail....

Mirèio's 'La Vie En Rosé' bar promo literally helps you realize the true meaning of a happy life. Where everything appears rosy and cheerful to you. Whatever the odds, and whatever the stress. 


I sipped on my second glass of Rosé Spritz with a few of my favorite people and before the sun dimmed itself while I swept away all my worries -- only because I know that I can still order more Rosé inspired cocktails for the next three hours while enjoying our Provencal hor d'oeuvres.

It's quite refreshing, feeling that state of bliss and making everything as a source of joy. I'm just thankful on how writing can handle my frustrations sometimes. 

Oh, how I love that life can always be this imperfectly beautiful.

La Vie En Rosé runs from September 1 to November 30, 2017 for only Php895++ per person from 5:00PM to 8:00PM daily. Make sure you call (02)795-0707 or to reserve a table.


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