Ramen Nagi: Our #FavoriteRamen finally opens in Nuvali!

The title of my post says it all. A few weeks ago, I traveled all the way to the deep south to attend an exclusive lunch and enjoy our #FavoriteRamen, Ramen Nagi! 

Ramen Nagi, after all, recently won as the country's Favorite Ramen at The Choice Awards 2017 which was organized by WOFEX (World Food Expo), OAP (our Awesome Planet) and my foodie fambam here in The Philippines, The KTG (Kain Tulog Gang). 

Check out their new resto if you're at Solenad 2 in Nuvali. They are near other restaurants like Pancake House, Max's and Mama Lou's.

The Ramen Nagi boys gearing up as guests are about to arrive from Manila.

Here I am with my acceptable resting bitch face. Time to enjoy some ramen!

So happy to be going out on a perfect day! By perfect meaning it's not too hot and not raining as well (I'm such a fan of cloudy / gloomy skies, so London and Amsterdam is really sort of my calling!)

Their newly created menu books are now ready for the customers, like me!

Ze friend was his first time trying Ramen Nagi EVER, so I suggested that he get the basics first. He settled for the Original Butao King while I ordered Ramen Nagi's Limited King that time....the Oyster King!

Mine had a lot of mushrooms, minced meat and pieces of oysters! Also ordered for an additional Nori and Aji Tamago because who doesn't want something extra on their ramen?

Look at that piece of work. My, oh, my! Shlurp it good!

Some additional tips:
- If you eat ramen quickly, then great! If not, choose a firmer noodle so that it stays al dente as you eat it slowly

- Get the Chicken Karaage and their Crispy Shrimp!

- Lastly, SHARING IS CARING. Meaning, the seats at Ramen Nagi in Solenad are quite limited (especially inside), so do share a seat to someone who may be craving for ramen too!

See you at Ramen Nagi soon!

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