New branch and seasonal dishes: checking out 'Top Fusions' at Chili's Robinson's Galleria

Chili's Philippines never fails to impress my tastebuds with these new dishes that they call "Top Fusions" -- which will be available for a very limited time. I tried them wherelse - but at Chili's new branch in Robinsons Galleria (you can find them at the mall's newly renovated wing in the second floor). 

Yey! For us, Chili's has always been one of our go-to places for pig-out sessions or whenever we crave for dishes with bold southwestern flavors.

See how packed the place is during lunchtime...whew!

Any visit to Chili's isn't complete without ordering Bottomless Tostada Chips!

You can have these addicting tostadas with either Salsa...

or Skillet Queso with a hefty scoop of Guacamole! Mix them all together to enjoy this creamy, rich dip!

These Hand-Stuffed Baked Jalapenos kept me busy as I waited for my friends to arrive at Chili's -- these yummy handheld stuffed peppers are cheesy and meaty inside! I'm not so sure which kinds of cheeses were used, all I know was that it's good! The crunch of the green peppers adds to the complexity of the textures of this appetizer. 

Chili's Top Fusions are said to be dishes with 'a blend of flavors that don't blend in' and are 'fused to perfection'. If there are perfect combinations of flavors, I personally think there are also great combinations of preparations, with each dish still being grilled and served with sides that are filled with bursting fresh flavors like chimichurri, chipotle and figs.

Take for instance their steaks. The Chipotle Balsamic Steak is perfectly seared as it rests on a bed of potato rounds, followed by spoonfuls of chimichurri sauce and chipotle balsamic glaze and topped with creamy garlic spread and onion strings.

Or enjoy a slab of BBQ Steak with Chimichurri -- this is legit 8 oz. sirloin steak which, on the other hand, is served on a bed of the creamiest mashed potatoes and chimichurri sauce. Topped with pickled red onions, white cheese, fresh cilantro and Chili's signature BBQ sauce. Personally, eating those creamy mashed potatoes with the steak was like getting a warm hug from my most favorite person in the world. It's that good!

If you're feeling a little fishy (or feeling 'on a diet' hahaha), DO SHARE this plate (yes, because sharing is caring) of Salmon with Aji Amarillo Sauce -- which is made with a beautifully prepared salmon fillet set on a bed of the same potato rounds and chimichurri sauce with a twist, thanks to the addition of aji amarillo sauce. Aji Amarillos are actually bright orange chiles which has a heat level of medium to hot. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Before this hits your table, a healthy dose of drizzled chipotle fruity sauce and chopped green onions. Woohoohooh!

My personal favorite dish from Chili's Top Fusions is their Seared Lamb with Fig Sauce. Three succulent lamb chops dotted with avocado sauce underneath a bed of flavorful potatoes with warm chipotle fig sauce.

Feeling a little adventurous? Skip the fork and knife, hold onto one lamb chop, smear it with the sauce and take a nasty, huge bite. Best served with their Roasted Creamed Corn!

If you are a fan of Chili's intensely rich desserts, wait 'til you order their limited Salted Caramel Molten --  its salted caramel flavored and shaped like a mini bundt cake, but filled with a melted caramel center and topped with vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce and oh, salted caramel pieces. My goodness. Any salted caramel lover would cry over this for real.

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