A premier cafe with a new premier location: Aruga Café by Mesclun

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If you are familiar with Mesclun Bistro which was once located at Linden Suites in Ortigas, please know that they already transferred to a new location couple of months ago. They packed their things and headed somewhere in the south. Guys, say hello to the new Aruga Café by Mesclun inside Aruga by Rockwell in Makati.

Still heading the kitchen is the charming Chef Katrina Arce Kuhn-Alcantara, where she mentioned to us that she will be serving some of their bestsellers as well as new dishes on the menu.

Determined for new challenges, Chef Katrina shared a couple of good news aside from letting us try her new gastronomic creations: one, is that Aruga Cafe by Mesclun has already started serving breakfast items, collectively called 'Morning Melange', which include Filipino favorites like Tapa, Tocino, and their signature Kaffir-infused Tuyo; 'Global Daybreak' items such as Dimsum, French Toast, Croque Madame and Shakshouka; and what they categorize as 'Power Bowls' like Oatmeal and Granola with Yogurt.

They also offer what they call 'Crack of Dawn' - a witty category indeed, but in reality, it means that they currently offer different kinds of egg preparations based on the preference of their customers.  I'm personally a fan of sunny side up eggs, with a runny yolk and crisp edges, but I would love to try their sous vide and baked preparations as well.

Lastly, Chef Kat, as called by her close friends, finally revealed that they are currently working on serving in-room dining options soon -- now that definitely will add value to those who are checking in at Aruga in the next few months or so.

In a few minutes, we whiffed the smell of freshly baked bread as we waited for the rest of the dishes to come. I ate some with their in-house herbed butter and made sure I stop myself from finishing more so I can still eat the other things that are yet to arrive on our table.

Freshly baked bread

In a few minutes, I devoured on some of their best appetizers: perfectly flaky empanaditas, an impressive take on buffalo wings in the form of balls, baked goat cheese on a bed of greens, and one of the best French onion soups I have ever had in my life.

Buffalo Balls

French Onion Soup

Goat Cheese Salad
Pasta came next - one of them is Aruga Café by Mesclun's Sisig Spaghetti - a familiar dish especially to those who have been visiting them at their previous location. Their Squid Ink Pasta (no photos here - but you can check it out on my vlog) is also super delish by the way.

Sisig Spaghetti
Somehow, their food is amazing, but the simplicity of the preparations exudes in their creations. Just like putting a simple twist to pizza by making the dough into flatbread, or putting flavornotes of guava in a traditional Adobo recipe, or making pasta with Sisig. No wonder Mesclun has gained a strong following.

Shrimps and Anchovies Flatbread Pizza
And over the years, Mesclun have been recognized not just as a charming restaurant, but also as a premier caterer for weddings, corporate events and special gatherings. If you are booking a function room at Aruga by Rockwell, you can also avail of Mesclun's culinary expertise for your food and beverage needs.

Guava Pork Adobo

Tenderloin Steak 
We were a bit full as we tried a LOT of dishes, which took us a couple of hours to finish, including a couple of photo and video shoots in between. But we didn't leave Aruga Café by Mesclun without trying their steak, served with chimichurri and their housemade gravy. Steak for dessert? Why of course!

But in reality, we did have dessert, so I suggest you guys try their Ube Cheesecake, which is best served with coffee....feel free to check it out on my vlog by clicking on the link below.

The Aruga Experience - Nines vs. Food Vlog 


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