New Restaurant Alert: SALTA! By Pappare PH in Quezon City

To be honest, it's been years since I last step foot in that area of Quezon City. Because I am more accustomed in the South now, there wasn't much time to even go to UP Village, even though I know how much the food scene had already changed there, and how I might be missing out on a lot of things in my absence.

But there I was, standing outside Mayaman Street, just beside Merkanto, as I was greeted by a foodie friend who invited me to try Salta! by Pappare PH. It was a weekend, and it took us the whole afternoon to try out the dishes in this new bar.

Yes, a bar - a chicken bar, and the best reason to visit UP Village.

One reason being is that Salta! is owned by Chef Gem, who is one of the culinary minds behind The Food Hive, my only favorite food park in Quezon City.

She also owns Pappare PH, one of the many great choices at The Food Hive, that serves up awesome plates of CRABonara, a creamy concoction of goodness with the fresh flavors of the sea. And now, she fortifies the hunger of those in need of either good ol' rotisserie chicken, grilled items and hopefully, more dishes (they are currently on soft opening).

Expect nothing but awesome Italian inspired dishes with modest prices and packed with delicious flavors. Their Rotisserie Chicken is their main highlight, which is definitely tasty and addicting, and can be ordered as a whole, with sides, or with pasta or salad.

Like to ditch the pasta? The CRABonara fries is something to consider. Thick cut fries, which is more Belgian like, and topped with the same secret sauce, soft boiled egg and crab pieces. This is one appetizer that you shouldn't miss.

I wasn't in the mood for panini (photo above) since I am saving my hunger for some meat! The Brick Oven Porkchop is cooked to perfection, and served with either Herb Gravy or Salsa Verde.

These Balsamic BBQ Beef Ribs are quite a surprise. With its modest serving and price, expect a satisfying explosion of smoky, sweet flavors paired with that super moist and tender texture. We ordered one more of this and I imagined myself getting one more, only, there was already a lot of food on our table by the way.

Much like having slivers of Satlta! Homemade Sausage. Garlicky, but obviously homemade. You can tell with each bite on how each piece is carefully prepared. The balance of flavors made me want to add in a spoonful of rice with each bite.

The Sweet Potato Fries is supposed to be a starter but we got to try it minutes later. I couldn't stop eating this, to be honest, and I know I wouldn't be ashamed to admit it, because it's healthy and it's crunchy and sweet!

Want to see more of what we tried at Salta! by Pappare PH? Watch the video on Facebook here.


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