French Cooking 101: Culinary Elite Series at The Maya Kitchen with Chef Xavier Btesh (plus a new book!)

The Maya Kitchen Culinary Arts Center is a familiar territory for most people who would like to learn the basics in cooking and baking, as it has been operating since 1964. You may be familiar with the brand Maya through those hotcake mix boxes that I never failed to see back when I was a young little girl, while I wait for my grandmother, Rosario Licad, to finish whipping up a batch of freshly made hotcakes. I was still a child back then but it was too early for me to experience the agony of waiting, as we wait for her to finally flip that pancake straight to our plates, smother is with butter and syrup.

But more on those convenient Maya hotcake and cake mixes, for now I am focusing on this new book that Chef Xavier Btesh recently launched at The Maya Kitchen called French Kusina. This is part of the Kitchen's Culinary Elite Series, as he conducts a quick class on the basics of French cooking and how it can be easily done in Filipino homes.

Chef Xavier has been living in the Philippines for over five years already. But before he fell in love with our country, he started his career by training under renowned chefs in Paris, and then became a consultant chef for various businesses. His other book, Les Petits Diners de Xavier, already sold more than 40,000 copies across Europe.

The recipes he demonstrated are based highly on his new book French Kusina, such as the following:

Marseille Seafood Soup
(the perfect comfort food on any cold day!)

Salad Nicoise
(a simple French salad with the use of tuna)

Authentic Pasta Carbonara
(no cream; just eggs, parmesan and salt/pepper)

Boeuf Bourguignon
(beef braised in wine)

Milanese Risotto 
(not exactly French, but Chef Xavier is half Italian so this explains why he loves making it)

Chocolate Mousse
(sinful chocolate dessert; great for kids and kids at heart!)

French cooking is made easy thanks to Chef Xavier's tips and tricks in the kitchen during his class at The Maya Kitchen. Because one does not need to go to Paris just to experience his creations. And it's nice that ingredients are very accessible so get that apron ready and try these dishes for your friends and family to enjoy!

I myself am very excited about doing one class at The Maya Kitchen. so please watch out for my next foodie adventure soon!

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