Celebrations Made Even More Special Only At Jade Garden

A few weeks ago, I experienced a Chinese lauriat like no other at Jade Garden in Glorietta with a customized Set Menu that's specially created for me and my foodie friends! 

Because if your dinner starts with a Roasted Suckling Pig with googly eyes attached, you know for a fact that it's gonna be a great night.

Roasted Suckling Pig
Chinese lauriats always meant having to celebrate special occasions, so it's not surprising to encounter about ten or more dishes in one sitting. In this case, what we had are some definite must-tries to have in a Chinese lauriat, everything cooked in traditional Jade Garden style.

Live Shrimps on Soupy Shredded Radish

"What is our hashtag for tonight?", I was asked by one of our hosts, and I then imagined the origin of festive Chinese dinners in the past.

"Jade Garden Dynasty." It was a great hashtag, as I believed it to be.

Steamed Kailan with Garlic
As I was growing up, there isn't a year when I don't get to experience a Chinese lauriats. In the Philippines, and thanks to the ever growing population of the Chinese in the country (I myself having a Chinese grandfather), we were raised in sit down banquets, enjoying every dish that is being offered on the table.

Crab with Satay and Vermicelli in Hot Pot

But on this night at Jade Garden, we mostly had shrimps, crabs, fish and chicken. Plates of steamed greens should always be present, in this case, I enjoyed some Steamed Kailan with Garlic.

Fried Crab with Spring Onion and Ginger
Jade Garden can cook crabs in the best ways possible. Have then mixed with satay in a hot pot, stir fried with spring onion and ginger, or laced with Salted Egg sauce. Nothing is impossible here, and everything is super delicious!

Golden Crab with Salted Egg
A staple at Chinese lauriats is the Crispy Noodles, or what we call Birthday Noodles, because eating 'pancit' on your birthday is said to promote long life. More noodles on my plate, please!

Crispy Noodles with Seafood
Check out these other dishes if you plan to dine at Jade Garden soon!

Chicken with Wood Ear Mushroom

Steamed Lapu Lapu with Zucchini and Vermicelli

Fried Rice with Taro Wrapped in Lotus Leaf

Roasted Suckling Pig
And of course, no Chinese lauriat is complete without some dessert! Almond Jelly with Lychee is another favorite, but we had some warm Almond Soup instead, with yummy rice balls with mung bean paste inside. Yumyum!

Warm Almond Soup with Rice Balls
Jade Garden is located inside Glorietta 2, Makati City.

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