What it's really like inside the famous Space Wars Suite in Victoria Court

You may have seen that viral video of couples "fighting" playfully inside a Star Wars themed room at Victoria Court. But little did you know that the famous room can be rented out for parties as well? Well, if you're a huge SW fan like I am, then you are in for a treat! 

If you guys didn't know (or secretly did but just want to say you didn't hahaha), the famous Space Wars Suite is just one of the awesome venues that you can find at Victoria Court in Pasig City. These are basically suite-type rooms that you can use for a number of purposes like parties, functions, or just plain living your Star Wars fantasy!

Nines vs. Food - Star Wars Room at Victoria Court-1.jpg

Before you even enter the room, you can use some props on display -- robes, laserguns, and lightsabers if you wish to. Bring out the jedi in you!

Just look at the intricate details even on the door!

Inside, you can see a jacuzzi, and on the right, an actual spaceship-like area that you can "drive" with moving functions. It basically moves up....and down... (true story!)

And this is where you can see yourself even before you go to the spaceship (which is located on my right when facing the mirror)

On the opposite side, you can enter a "whole new dimension" --- a private bedroom among the stars.

Say, I must. It is a cute room, actually!

Entering the bathroom means an assassin is looking at you.

Did you know that the food is also really good at Victoria Court? I've had a taste of each of the dishes below and I must say that everything is amazing! It was then that I realized that you can go on an international dining experience outside the galaxy!

The Healthy Steak are made with tofu cubes, breaded and fried to perfection and topped with a savory and sweet sauce with mushrooms.

The Healthy Steak
The big cheese sticks made with mozzarella is ooey gooey and creamy!

Mozzarella Explosion
Go Asian and try the Chicken Satay. It's nutty and dreamy and yes, great with rice.

Chicken Satay
Let these Sisig Tacos release your inner macho!

Sisig Tacos
Peace is fully restored in the world thanks to this Calzone at VC.


Japanice Hotdog
Anyone craving for hotdogs? VC has got you covered!

The Godfather Caprese Hotdog
Or do under the sea when you feast on this delectable Sea Pasta.

Sea Pasta
Daddy's BBQ Pizza is filling and actually quite healthy, thanks to the crispy lettuce greens on top. 

Daddy's BBQ Pizza
If you love heat, then ordering the Spicy Chicken should be your best bet.

Spicy Chicken

And if you want to keep things simple and classic, the Pancit is a sure winner! After all, VC is know for it, along with their Sizzling Bulalo and Crispy Pata.

Classic Pancit
Create the best and most delicious moments when you check out the themed rooms at Victoria CourtFor inquiries, you may contact 671-9782 to 84, 0917-507-8146, or just go to their website at http://www.victoriacourt.biz

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