Travel like a local in these cities using Hotel Jen's Night Light Map

Hotel Jen's Night Light is designed to help guests who wish to be immersed in a destination and explore safely after dark with a carefree mind through an interactive map on their website, including must visit places from the locals and weekly activities organised by the hotels, all of which are available after dark.

I personally think this is a nifty thing especially if you travel like I do, since I don't normally visit places that are. what you call, "too touristy". I prefer local hangouts, street foods, and places that can make me say that I belong to that place.

Night Light homepage
This provides a new perspective on the concept of traveling and what Hotel Jen wants to advocate: to LEAVE BORING BEHIND. It keeps busy business travelers, unbashed night owls and curious families through safely curated insights from the locals near any Hotel Jen location. Seize your stay, meet locals and unravel the city's hidden gems with categories such as the following:

- Native Rituals ; uncovering local customs, insider knowledge and city secrets
- After Hours : Exploring alternative city experiences from sunset to sunrise
- Jen-Why Art : Discoering emerging artists and interactive creative experiences
- Get Set Eat : Championing hone-grown food producers and local flavors

See the hotspots under Touristy Things, Local Hangouts or Jen's Picks

Night Light is available in these Hotel Jen locations
See the city in a different light by visiting or follow the social conversations using the hashtags #LeaveBoringBehind and #NightLight

Catering to urban adventurers, the Hotel Jen brand delivers quality, comfort and value with a playful twist and friendly service. Hotel Jen embraces the love for life and travel, helping curious travelers to leave boring behind through spontaneous experiences, unpublished insights and unconventional perspectives. Launched in 2014, Hotel Jen offers vibrant hotels in some of the best locations across Asia Pacific, including Brisbane, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shenyang, China, Manila, Penang, Johor in Malaysia, and Maldives. For more information, visit or join the conversation on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.
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