Prost to these new dishes at Brotzeit Philippines [with three exclusive vlogs!]

Happy Google Translate weekend! Bier, jemand? (Beer, anyone?)

About a week ago, I visited Brotzeit with some of my foodie friends so we can try out their new dishes and snacks. OH, and I also made some videos while we're at it.


Surely you will like these new dishes just as much as we had. Meantime, and also because I love you guys, I took the liberty of using google translate to provide you with the right pronunciations (I hope these are right, or else I blame Google for this hihi) that would be really helpful when you visit Brotzeit next time.

For starters, it's called BROT-ZAIT, not BROT-ZEIT :)

Hühnerbrust - HOO-NUH-BROST
These perfectly breaded and fried to a golden brown boneless chicken pieces is topped with Bavarian BBQ sauce and sour cream dressing. This is crispy outside, tender inside with a combination of bold and tangy flavors.

Hühnerbrust / BBQ Chicken Fingers
Gebratener - GEE-BRAH-TEE-NAH
Huge breaded and fried mozarella cheese sticks are served with a mildly spicy tomato sauce dip that's simply addicting. If you're a fan of mozza sticks, then this is for you!

Gebratener Mozzarella / Fried Mozzarella

Gebratene - GE-BRAT-ENUH
The same spicy tomato sauce is served with these super crispy onion rings.

Gebratene Zwiebelringe / Fried Onion Rings

Kartoffel Kroketten - KAR-TO-FUHL KRO-KEH-TUHN
Kroketten are basically potato croquettes, but these ones are stuffed with BBQ Pork and served with sour cream dip. Three words: best. With. Beer!

Kartoffel Kroketten / Stuffed Potato Balls
Putin - POOT-EHN
No, this is not the Russian President :) Putin at Brotzeit are actually perfectly fried potato wedges topped with cheese, pickled chili, smoked bacon, sour cream and chives.

Putin / Dirty Wedges
Fleischbällchen - FLEYSH-BOL-CHUN
Meatballs with Jaeger sauce. I repeat. Jaeger sauce. That's a winning gravy right there.

Fleischbällchen / Meatballs

Snackpackung - SNAK-PA-KUHNG 
Choose from either pulled pork and cucumber or seafood salad savory wraps. A healthier alternative if you are trying to cut down on the fried stuff.

Snackpackung / Savory Wraps

Schweinbauch - SHWAYN-BAORH
A pork lover's dream. Think a moist and tender piece of pork belly that's roasted perfectly as it sits on top of some rotkraut (red cabbage simmered in wine) and red pepper jam. I couldn't resist ordering rice when I saw this baby!

Grilling the German Way! 

Vatertagplatte - VARTA-TAHG PLA-TUH
The Vatertagplatte, or Father's Day Platter is one of their newest Brotzeit Boards that are laden with the thickest grilled pork chop, yummy broiled chicken, grilled lamb chops and crispy bacon wrapped sausages.

Vatertagplatte / Father's Day Platter

If you're not in the mood for a platter, feel free to order each one separately instead.

Lambkotelette - LEM-KO-TE-LE-TUH
Brathuhn - BRAH-TE-HN
Schweinkotelette - SHWAYN-KO-TE-LE-TUH

I mean, look at those intricate grill marks. The delicious sides. That oozing seasoned butter on top of that sexy porkchop. This is a perfect choice for any celebration, or basically anytime you are craving for something manly and meaty and mighty delish.

Lambkotelette (Lamb Chops), Brathuhn (Roast Chicken), Schweinkotelette (Pork Chop)
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