Mad about socks? Then Sock Fancy is for you!

If wearing clothes represent your personality, then it's surely the same principle when wearing colorful socks. And truth be told, I used to be teased (and secretly bullied) for wearing socks like this when I was in college.

In the Philippines, we are raised in a world where we are judged by how we look, our clothes, even the brands that we use. Thankfully, I wasn't one of them, and I can say that I am never the materialistic kind of girl. But I was secretly being laughed at by my peers for wearing colorful socks. I didn't know I was being funny, but they said that I looked silly. Fast forward to 12 years later, almost everyone is wearing them in every print, every color combination possible. And this is now accepted. Weird, right? 

I mean, what's not to like when you have socks like these?

Or these?

Or these?

With a lot of choices available in the market, sometimes it's getting harder and harder to decide on what to get. And a lot of people nowadays consider socks as a personal fashion statement. 

So why not invest on a sock subscription instead? What is it, anyway?

Sock subscriptions is a way for you to get awesomely random pairs of socks with fresh new designs at a certain time. You can get a number of socks at one go, or have a few delivered to you monthly. How cool is that, right? Enter Sock Fancy. Designed in Atlanta, socks are available for delivery all over the world just by ordering through their website on

And the best thing about it -- is that they have FREE SHIPPING. WORLDWIDE.

So I tried getting some socks from them and had it delivered in the Philippines. This took me about a month or two before I got notice that they were here. If you are based in Makati, you should be claiming it at the city postal office for a minimum fee aside from the amount that you spent to purchase this.

And now, we unbox it.

Oh these are pretty! I got 3 pairs of socks for men and 3 for women, all in various designs and lengths. 

Personally, the fix design is a stunner. The blue and purple zebra printed socks look very vintage too. Hmm, I wonder which designs I can avail again next time?

Oh, and I think these are great gifts and souvenirs as well. With Christmas around the corner, who says you have to go out and get tired of all the shopping? Follow Sock Fancy today and know more about this awesomely random sock subscription! 

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