Let's Talk About The Seasonal Espresso Blend 'Salcedo' At Toby's Estate

I am not a morning person. And once I wake up, I admit that all of my senses only come alive a few hours after. It's a routine which I considered healthy for me, and I've got a mindset that if I open my eyes earlier than expected, then it's like living in zombieland for a day.

In most days, coffee is my kryptonite. At my current state, I wouldn't last a day without a cup or two of joe. I try to believe that I am never the picky coffee drinker too, so when Toby's Estate invited me to come to their Whitespace Manila branch and commissary, I just had to see what the fuss is all about. 

Toby's Estate Philippines recently launched a seasonal blend, called Salcedo, which is named after the location of their flagship store in Makati. According to them, Salcedo is a vibrant community, and I think I couldn't agree more. The city may have its weaknesses, but places like Salcedo, Poblacion and Legaspi are personally the few places that's closest to my heart.

Their commissary by the way is just stunning. I love how industrial the interiors are combined with artistic elements.

It's everything I wish a coffee shop would be. Aside from the Espresso Bar, they have a very good line up of snacks, soups, sandwiches and pies as well.

The Behind The Blend Series at Toby's Estate included a discussion on the origins of coffee, how they roast and grind them, and the ways of trying the beans by means of a cupping session. Here, the Salcedo Blend is used and we were able to determine the differences, specifically starting with the base (or first press) -- which definitely is fruity with a bitter yet smooth aftertaste; and the high version (or was it highland? I was a bit lost, sorry) - which was rounder and more mellow with a similar kick or energy in the end.

Both are really good versions, but you will need to try the different kinds of preparations of coffee from the Espresso Bar at Toby's Estate. I tried the Flat White, paired with their new Apple Tart, and just like that, it turned into a great morning. 

I whispered and talked to myself: "what a great time to be alive!" :))

But if you really want to taste the Salcedo Blend in its finest state, I highly suggest trying a shot of Espresso. And you will discover a medley of fruity notes of ripe guava with chocolatey and nutty tones and ended with a sweet musvocado finish. So local, you guys, yet oh so impressive.

Get your coffee fix at Toby's Estate Philippines to enjoy this new blend! Or better yet, grab a bag of take it home to liven up your coffee moments even further.

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