It's Babe For Food's Send-off Party At The Perfect Pint Craft Beer + Fine Food!

Drama alert! I'm really thankful to be part of something like The KTG - from being my fellow foodies, which became acquaintances, then turned friends, and now turned family. And wherever we are, we never fail to stay connected online! With Facebook, Viber, and all other things digital, missing a person means simply sending a message, tagging him or her on photos, or simply giving them a quick call to say hi!

A few weeks ago, it was time for Justinne Go - aka Babe For Food, to bid us adieu as she finally comes back to Cebu to pursure her career there. WOOT! I consider her as a sister in the foodie world with Richie aka The Pickiest Eater as our fatherly mentor, where Justinne and I both had our share of food adventures both in Cebu (where she is originally based) and Manila for a number of years now.

And to spend our time with her before she leaves Manila, we went to The Perfect Pint of course! Yes, I was here a few weeks ago when I blogged about their sumptuous brunch specials and lipsmacking beers, but on this night, I was able to try a smorgasbord of house specialties that made me say - and yes, it its true legit tone --- The Perfect Pint literally serves the perfect food!  

From Cebu to Manila and back with Babe For Food! The drinking crew
(Nines vs. Food, The Hungry Kat, Lynne-En Route, and Food In The Bag) with Alec Tempongko and Chef Gene Gonzalez
Notice anything different on this photo? Visit my other TPP blog post to see it!
And we all have to thank Chef Gene Gonzalez for contributing his culinary expertise to TPP's menu, which is quite interactive in its own unique way as each dish has a corresponding beer to accompany it with. 

With Justinne and the gang ready to dig in for some great food and great beer on a Friday night, why not experience all these dishes with one of TPP's owners Alec Tempongko and Chef Gene himself?  

Gone are the days when Friday night usually starts with dinner and then we go straight to drinks with more food on the table. At Perfect Pint, everything is possible! This place is definitely the total package where you can get the freshest beers with awesome food at strikingly affordable prices too.

Make sure to try some of these dishes soon!

TPP Poutine with Peppery Beef

Stinky Cheese Pizza: if you are a fan of the Four Cheese Pizza at Two Seasons Boracay, then you should try this!
Cheesesteak Pizza

US Angus Beef Tapa

Surf and Turf Platter

Fish and Chips

To-Die-For Crispy Ribs
The Perfect Pint Sausage Platter

Kapal Face with Pickles (yes, because pickles are healthy and we need it!)

Heap of Bacon (with more pickles)

Bagaybay on Baguettes! Bagaybay are actually tuna testicles, and these are just in-your-face awesome.
Great times truly start here at The Perfect Pint! Cheers!
The Perfect Pint is on Instagram @theperfectpintph

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