Experience Japanese Filipino Fusion On A Budget At 10 Ronin in Makati!

From the same guys behind the famous Kanto Freestyle Breakfast, Lime 88, Calderon and Guevara, 10 Ronin serves up Japanese food in true Filipino fashion and with super affordable prices too! 10 Ronin is actually owned by 5 couples and was called Ronin since their concept is a no-holds barred Japanese food without rules, which is actually contrary since Japanese food tend to be executed with certain rules. But since we Filipinos are crazy over food from practically anywhere in the world, no wonder 10 Ronin is slowly becoming a hit among foodies who are willing to take a foodtrip in Makati.

Although one may have a bit of a problem when you use your car to go there since it's located in a residential area. But just in case, they are lots of people at 10 Ronin who can assist you when it comes to parking concerns. So be sure to visit them soon!

Despite the lack of airconditioning at 10 Ronin, it is still compensated by the cool zen ambiance and the 'terribly' affordable prices that you would discover on their menu (which I chose not to post here because the owners said they are still working on it). Meantime, I'm sure you won't regret trying their food!

Spiced Crispy Onion Frizzles

You can much on some Spiced Crispy Onion Frizzles, 10 Ronin Tinapa Kani Salad, Spicy Tuna with Wonton Chips and Agedashi Tokwa's Baboy with Onion Salad (my personal must try) for starters, where the obvious combinations of Japanese and Filipino ingredients come to life.

Tinapa Kani Salad with Salted Egg Sauce

Spicy Tuna on Ice with Wonton Chips

Agedashi Tokwa't Baboy with Onion Salad

Meantime, experience Pinoy Maki in the form of Ronin Adobo Flakes Maki, Cornflake Shrimp Tempura with Salted Egg Sauce and Ronin Sisig Nori Tacos (my personal must try)!

Ronin Adobo Flakes Maki

Ronin Cornflake Shrimp Tempura with Salted Egg Butter Sauce

Ronin Sisig Nori Taco

Ronin UFC Fried Chicken Karaage with Bonito Flakes

Another typical pinoy condiment, UFC Banana Ketchup, is used when making their Chicken Karaage, and then topped the hot chicken pieces with bonito flakes. There's also Yakitori, by the way, but instead of the typical Japanese Yakitori, you'll get your pig ear, pork blood (also known as betamax), and chicken livers wrapped in bacon (my personal must try) instead.

Platter of Bacon Wrapped Chicken Liver, Pork Blood with Salsa and Pork Ears with Sisig Sauce
The Ronin US Beef Tapa Gyudon served with a soft boiled egg is astoundingly good (my personal must try), and was gone in a few minutes, all for Php195!

Ronin US Beef Tapa Gyudon
Spicy Miso Chicken Tinola Ramen

Of course, you shouldn't leave 10 Ronin without trying their ramen. Who would have thought of doing Tinola Ramen, right? Or Sinigang Ramen? Both these dishes are so good, in all fairness!

Spicy Kimchi Sinigang Ramen
And like I always say whenever I eat, ALWAYS HAVE DESSERT, or something sweet for that matter. We had Cheesecake to end our sumptuous meal at 10 Ronin. 

Overall, all the food is good! Consider 10 Ronin as a good way to introduce yourselves to Japanese food if you're still not trying it. Or you can also go there just to experience the best of both worlds, because no one can resist Filipino food!

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