All Night Fried Food Dippin' At Kushikatsu Daruma Philippines

So you're probably thinking of where to eat at a time like this. Say that it's almost midnight and you got hungry. Say you're getting ready for an all night of partying with friends. Say, you're just craving for something that shouldn't be double dipped. Yep, Kushikatsu Daruma, the famous restaurant that opened since 1929 in Japan, is here to save the day! This restaurant has been doing great since it opened a few months ago in Uptown Mall BGC, and I hope to find another time to go back just to experience this unique Japanese fare here that's now available in Manila.

Good thing that the Tasteless Food Group, the same people behind Bad Bird, Freezer Burn and my other all-time favorite Fowl Bread, made a way to get a franchise of Kushikatsu Daruma for the Philippine market. 

Lots of daruma dolls and design elements display the unique facial expression of original owner and chairperson of Kushikatsu Daruma, Ueyema. I assumed it's the face that you'd expect to see when you get caught double dipping your food.

But before we even start dipping, I got to enjoy a good cocktail at Kushikatsu Daruma. There's Matcha Chu-Hai for the green tea lover, but I preferred having the Suntory High Tea and some Kirin a few minutes after. 

Matcha Chu-Hai

Suntory High Ball
Kushikatsu Daruma basically serves different kinds of meats, veggies, offals, even dairy, all breaded and freshly fried when you order. Everything is suggested to be eaten while it just came out of their kitchen, so taking photos are highly discouraged. And it's true. Not that you don't want to post anything on your Instagram accounts, but the difference with eating it hot is uncanny to almost addicting at a certain point.

You can either order any kind of kushikatsu from their menu, or if you're feeling tired and can't think of what to get, you can try the Beginner Level which is composed of a stick each of the following: classic kushikatsu, prawn, chicken with garlic, chikuwa, tsukene, tonkatsu, leeks, potato and camembert cheese.

Or you can be more adventurous and move further to the Advanced Level to have a taste of the following: classic kushikatsu, chicken heart, chicken intestine, pork intestine, chicken gizzard, garlic, lady finger, gyoza, white onion, leeks and tonkatsu. 

My fave Japanese beer
Now, let's talk about the 'double dipping' part. Surely it's the same principle that we try our best not to do when it comes to eating our local fish balls down the streets of Manila, so as much as that sauce is addicting (take note, everything from the sauce to the oil and the breading are all made in house), please don't double dip. But there are spoons available for your pleasure of getting more sauce just in case. 

Foie gras kushikatsu, anyone? From what I know, this is only exclusive in the Manila branch, so if you want this, you gotta try it here. It was so good, my eyes rolled like crazy. A bite of this and a chug of beer and that, my friends, is a moment that you should cherish forever. 

Aaaaand did you know that Kushikatsu Daruma closes late at, around 4am? That's just awesome if you are have that late night craving for something hot, fried and filling. 

Aside from the Kushikatsu, you gotta have rice of course! There's yakiniku bowls and chahan rice at the restaurant, and plain rice too is you wish to have that. 

And desserts are not an option either! My personal tip: try to order any flavor of ice cream, and order a mochi kushikatsu, and dip the mochi kushikatsu on your ice cream. Just wonderful!

Oh, and did I even tell you guys I was hungry? I guess I didn't lol.  Just DON'T COUNT THE STICKS. Haha!

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