A Soulful Fusion Plus Other New Dishes At Ippudo Philippines As Of May 2017

Get ready to savor a whole new level of flavors with Ippudo Philippines' new dishes! First up - the Torched Salmon Roll. Considered as a global favorite, this it their take on torched Salmon Sushi Rolls topped with creamy Metaiko mayo and fish roe.

Each bite is bursting with the flavors of torched salmon, creamy mayo and a small amount of rice. It's perfect as a light appetizer while we wait for the main dish.

Another cool addition to Ippudo's menu is the Teba Gyoza. You'd instantly think these are chicken wings, but it's actually filled with gyoza filling! So smart! To eat this, simply spritz some fresh lemon juice and dip it in their tangy Gyoza sauce. It passes perfectly as a gyoza with its own handle!

Ippudo recently launched their Clam Chowder Ramen, dubbed as a 'soulful fusion' according to their latest campaign. It's made with a base of Tonkotsu broth with bechamel sauce, thick black pepper noodles, fresh clams, onions, fried potato cubes, scallions, ajitsuke tamago, a hefty amount of parmesan cheese and generous spike of Truffle oil. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that this is best served with a side of crispy bacon strip!

The best way to consume this is by breaking the bacon into pieces and mixing eveything well until you achieve that almost soupy carbonara texture. It's very unusual to eat this ramen at first but you'll instantly get the hang of it. 

And I can fairly say that the success of each ramen bowl is when you get to finish without any struggle. My favorite was when I dip some bread to the soup and back to eating some noodles again. I am so not sharing this ramen with anyone. It's all mine wahahaha! *insert evil laugh*

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