Something new at Yabu Philippines: Buta Kakuni and Buta Korokke

I'm not sure how much you like Yabu, but if you do, it's not new when you get to see something different popping up on their menu. This time, rice takes the stage as they introduced two new dishes just a few weeks ago - the Buta Kakuni Don and the Buta Korokke

Although these babies below are considered starters, order the Buta Korokke and fill yourself up with a combination of pork, soy and honey, formed into balls, panko-breaded and fried to perfection. These are served on a bed of mayo with a drizzle of teriyaki eel sauce on top. I know this is good by the looks of these luscious hefty pieces of pork and rice love. But until I took a few bites of this, I am impressed. You might think that they can be compared with risotto balls which is most likely where I am assuming it got the idea. 

And to be honest, this appetizer itself is already filling, considering my latest eating habits (I'm a light eater, did you know? LOL). I may need some reinforcements with me when I come back and eat this again.

Meanwhile, the Buta Kakuni Don brought me to a whole new level of awesomeness. Careful not to touch the hot bowls, this is made with all the yummy things, that when combined - is created into this awful, just beautiful mess (aka ME - joke!). Imagine having mouthfuls of braised pork belly cube mixed with perfectly cooked rice, pickled ginger, snow cabbage, tamago, green onions, mayo and honey soy sauce. You don't necessarily need a date or a friend to help you out with finishing this dish. No. Just no. 

Kidding! Of course I would be happy to share this with someone! :)) Just as I would be happy to share a photo of my favorite Agedashi Tofu at Yabu. Hope to see you guys at Yabu soon!

Agedashi Tofu
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