Experience a world of flavors with Osaka Ohsho's latest dishes!

Early this year, Osaka Ohsho, the brand behind one of the world's best gyozas launched a number of items in addition to their already interesting and extensive menu which will surely take you to new heights when it comes to enjoying your favorite Japanese food! 

One thing is for sure --- is that all of these items were inspired by some of the best food trends as well as a different mix of cultural influences that are known to be adored almost by everyone. 

First up: Osaka Ohsho's new Truffle Gyoza which is made with their signature steamed and pan-fried gyoza. This is definitely made extra exquisite by adding some truffle flavor on it. Who would have thought that gyoza and truffle would go together, right?

Truffle Gyoza
Another new variant is the Chori Gyoza, and who doesn't love chorizo?! Forget about Chori Burgers for now...this is something different! This new gyoza variant is so good with that combination of smoky and savory in every bite - I would personally come back for this soon!

Chori Gyoza
The Chicken Enokiyaki is chicken fillet and stuffed with enoki, grilled until tender and mildly glazed with teriyaki sauce. This ain't your random chicken teriyaki guys! And it's a must that you pair this with a glass with beer. And at that moment you will tell yourself. Life is simple. Yes, life is good.

Chicken Enokiyaki
This is one of the coolest food finds I have ever encountered. Nori sheets, battered and deep fried, are used as the 'nacho' part of this dish, and toppings include gyoza filling, bonito flakes, green onions, pickles and some Japanese mayo. I got one bite of this and so far, it works! 

Nori Nachos

If you're craving something with rice, you can either try the Black Pepper Gyudon which has a combination of Chinese and Japanese influences -- a hearty and filling meal complete with your dose of protein and carbs. But instead of a raw egg on top, this one is served with a soft boiled egg. The black pepper flavor is strong with this one, but not too much that it overpowers the rest of the existing flavor profiles in this dish.

Black Pepper Gyudon
Or instead of the usual, why not try the Japanese Paella? Perfectly cooked miso flavored rice is topped with your favorite seafood like prawn tempura, salmon and squid pieces and dressed with some mayo. It's a unique and flavorful addition to this oh so exciting Japanese feast.

Japanese Paella
Being the ramen and noodle fan that I am, the Gyoza Tantanmien from Osaka Ohsho is a clear winner. Some hot and creamy soup paired with firm noodles and gyoza on my mind right now. Ah, thank you for the happy thoughts!

Gyoza Tantanmien
As odd as it may look (and taste), this might be one of the most adventurous ideas on this planet right now: dubbed as Matcha Butter Tonkatsu, it's literally pork tonkatsu that is filled with matcha butter. It's crispy and tender like tonkatsu but it has matcha butter oozing out when you take a bite of this. I personally was quite hesitant to try this, but if you are a match lover, then I suggest giving this a try. Who knows? Maybe you and this dish are a matcha made in heaven. Yep, I'm so corny na hahahahaha!!!

Matcha Butter Tonkatsu
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