A casual Canadian-American inspired feast brought to you by Main Street...check out these new dishes!

If you have been following my Instagram page, I'm sure you've seen my video about this restaurant. There are some things about Main Street that makes you want to come back over and over again, and that's exactly what I am about to feature today. 

Sure, it might be the Chicken and Waffles, or the awesome sandwiches, or the cocktails, but a few more reasons are now in place...and it's their new dishes which officially launched on the week before Valentine's Day! So sweet, right?

If you're now familiar with the song with these lyrics, then I guess you don't know Toploader (and Mandy Moore lol)
So how about trying these new flatbread pizzas, huh?

For starters, The Italian (Php290) is made with tangy tomato basil sauce, mozzarella cheese, sliced onions, smoky crumbled Italian sausage and fresh dill. There are hints of anise flavor in this pizza which makes it so appetizing.

The Steak and Gorgonzola (Php350), on the other hand, looks rustic and filling with olive oil, mozzarella and gorgonzola cheese, sliced kitayama flank steak, arugula and a topping of balsamic reduction drizzle. It's savory, with a right amount of acidity and an awfully delicious meaty element - that medium rare steak  that they used is like cherry on top!

And if you're a seafood lover, then by all means, try the Seafood Lovers (Php360) - tomato basil sauce, mozzarella cheese, prawns, fish fillet, basil, parmesan cheese are laid across a pizza crust with fresh mussels still in its shell. I mean, call me 'mababaw' but it was beautiful! I can sing my way to the sea now like Ariel in The Little Mermaid while I eat this pizza.

Initially, you might compare the Spicy Chicken Sandwich (Php260) to some other spicy chicken sandwiches out there - this one, though, is made with buttermilk fried chicken fillet coated in buffalo sauce, shredded cabbage, ranch sauce and pickles. Served with fries or salad.

Now who says this is just like any other spicy chicken sandwich? You're damn right it's not.

The Paseo (Php270) is a pulled pork sandwich made with homemade baguette, pulled pork, garlic mayo, romaine lettuce, caramelized onions and roasted green peppers. It's my kind of dish when I want my food to be compact and handy. Something I can hold in my hand and stuff my face with while walking. Make sure you also prepare yourselves from the jalapenos that you may find popping in your mouth. A bit spicy for other but for me that's possibly me going to chili heaven! ♥

Fact of the matter is, sometimes I HATE EATING RICE. Yep! I hate rice so much I don't want to see it sometimes. (Please believe me guys!)

So I opt for pasta instead. And this Italian Sausage Penne (Php290) is a winner - sliced italian sausage, tomato basil cream sauce is made so simple but so decadent. The cream makes everything better, really. Nothing else to say here but yumyumyum.



OH! This gold mine right here - the Miso Glazed Salmon (Php390) -- pan seared salmon fillet glazed in a miso mustard sauce, served with sauteed vegetables, and a shallot chive fried rice is just, OH! OH MY. I. Can't Even. JUST DELICIOUS! NO JOKING!

I mean, see that brown, sweet and salty crust on top? That's like Creme Brulee but it's salmon! Oh, you are sure to get satisfied with this dish especially if you are craving for Salmon.

And yes, the phrase 'always have room for dessert' won't die. Main Street's Apple Crumble - sliced apples roasted in butter, honey and cinnamon baked with a crumble crust and topped with crushed graham crackers and vanilla ice cream is the best ending after enjoying all the other dishes. Just the perfect ending with that addictive combination of warm and cold temperatures in your mouth. Your body, most especially your stomach - should be thanking you and give a standing ovation after eating this.

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