The Steaks Are High At Texas Roadhouse Philippines!

The steaks are high at Texas Roadhouse in Uptown Mall BGC!

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And what better way to celebrate the grand opening of Texas Roadhouse in the Philippines than to ride like a real cowboy by means of this raging mechanical bull!

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Texas Roadhouse is brought to you by none other than the Bistro Group, the same guys responsible for bringing other great restaurant brands from the US to the Philippine shores, like Village Tavern for instance.

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With so many carnivores cramming up inside this massive restaurant, you should know what Texas Roadhouse is all about. They're very much known for great hand cut steaks cooked just the way you want it! Other popular items are their freshly baked bread and luscious margaritas that are so worth having... any night of the week!

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Here are some of the featured dishes during the opening of Texas Roadhouse Philippines. 

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As I sat there with my KTG buddies while eating fresh peanuts right out of the bucket, we officially started our meal with some Baked Bread with Cinnamon Whipped Butter. As the whipped butter hits the warm bread, it's not impossible to get a whiff of cinnamon which will definitely whet your appetite. Eating this was never hard. Just like Captain America would say, "I can do this all day!"

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Fresh Baked Bread with Whipped Honey Butter
And while we enjoy the rest of the appetizers, I'm having a glass of red wine to get things started.

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My glass of Red
Meanwhile, my friend and fellow KTG Jeng of Food In The Bag opted for a margarita, which I think is not that strong. If you're looking for a good place to drink margaritas, Texas Roadhouse would have to be one of my personal suggestions.

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Frozen Classic Margarita
Moving on....time for some Buffalo Wings! I've been a super fan for Buffalo Wings (check out some of my favorite Buffalo Wing Joints when you search my archive) and this one from Texas Roadhouse Philippines is quite traditional. Served with blue cheese sauce and celery sticks, this is best served with a glass of beer or cocktail.

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Buffalo Wings
See how perfect this plate is? My grilled 100oz Ribeye with Loaded Sweet Potato may look simple but I'm telling you, I had a very hard time finishing this! I actually got surprised because I thought it was meant for sharing when the servers started bringing a few plates of steak on the table, but then I find out that we had one plate each! 

Oh well, it was a good problem after all!

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100oz Ribeye with Sweet Potato
If you're a fan of steak and potatoes, maybe you should make time to visit Texas Roadhouse so you can have steak with sweet potatoes instead that are baked, drizzled with butter and topped with toasty marshmallows! My goodness. What more can I say to this? 

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Loaded Sweet Potato
Anyway, Texas Roadhouse did not fail with the way I wanted my steak to be cooked. I had mine medium rare and it wasn't tough at all, rather, each bite was perfectly tender. Steak prices may look a bit pricey at first, but their available sizes are perfect for groups, which means that you can share the bill and still have a hefty meal especially if you order a few more side dishes.

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Some would prefer having nothing else on their steaks but a bit of salt, but I like mine with a dash of steak sauce and some splashes of Tabasco to bring out a bit of heat! Whew!

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On the contrary, I was satisfied as I ended my meal with a hefty slice of in-house Strawberry Cheesecake topped with fresh strawberries. I'm personally not a sweet tooth, but I liked this one because it wasn't too sweet. It's smooth, rich and plus points for using strawberries because they are one of my favorite fruit flavors. It was indeed a great night at Texas Roadhouse and I can't wait to come back soon!

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Strawberry Cheesecake
Cheers to the Bistro Group for opening Texas Roadhouse and to KTG for yet another wonderful night out in the city!

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with The KTG!
Texas Roadhouse Philippines is now open at the 4th floor of Uptown Mall in Bonifacio Global City everyday from 11AM to 11PM.

Check out more promos here: Texas Roadhouse Philippines on Facebook

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