Chili's Philippines Serves Up Big Mouth Burgers and House Of Ribs Specials

Chili's Philippines recently launched something new on their menu...something bigger, bolder and definitely manlier! If you have a thing for either burgers or ribs, you might as well try both, I guess?

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For instance, you can try their badass selection of Big Mouth Burgers, which include their craft burgers made even better with the potato buns which gives it a richer taste with every bite. Feel free to choose between the Sweet and Smoky Burger - made with pepper jack cheese, bacon, red onions, onion rings, mango-infused BBQ sauce, Chili's signature sauce; the Southern Smokehouse Burger - this time with cheddar cheese, bacon, onion rings, BBQ sauce, Chili's signature sauce; or the Guacamole Burger - filled with guacamole, monterey jack cheese, roasted jalapenos, sauteed red and green bell peppers, caramelized onions and cumin-lime sour cream.

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Guacamole Burger
Or if you feel like creating a few tasty burgers of your own - you can mix and match all things meaty with the Skillet BBQ Sliders - a combination of beef, chicken and pork carnitas with pickled red onions, barbecue and homey chipotle sauce served with smaller versions of potato buns.

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Skillet BBQ Sliders
And let's not forget their House of Ribs specialities!

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You can either choose from Chipotle Blueberry Baby Back Ribs - made sweet and smoky with the use of pecan wood to smoke their ribs; and their Cherry Cola Baby Back Ribs, which obviously is basted with a sweet-turned-savory glaze made with fruity cherry cola.

PERSONAL TIP: Both ribs I've tried, but I must say that if in any case you will order this, you might want to specify to the servers should you want your ribs to be more or less charred, because it will affect on how tender the meat will be when they serve this to you.

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Chipotle Blueberry Baby Back Rubs and Coca Cola Ribs
Next up: The Glazed Shrimp Steak. This I liked so much. Perfect slab of meat. Seared to medium rare, and topped with shrimps, fragrant cilantro and queso, laid out like a sexy beast underneath a bed of corn salsa. Always best with a side of potatoes, mashed and loaded with cheese and bacon. I can fairly eat this on my own, but since I don't have a big appetite (joke), I shared this with my KTG friends of course!

Chili's Philippines-6.jpg
Glazed Shrimp Steak
Yes, I've had these drinks in the middle of the day. And personally I find Chili's Philippines as one of my go-to places for great frozen margaritas!

Chili's Philippines-7.jpg
Cocktails and Margaritas
Not to mention....desserts!

This molten chocolate cake is amazing. See how perfect the ice cream is on top with the rich chocolate shell! A spoonful of this and I smiled.

Chili's Philippines-8.jpg
Molten Chocolate Cake
Awesome idea: fried cheesecakes! I always have a thing for mixing warm and cold things so this is a good dessert choice for those people who is the same with how I like it.

Chili's Philippines-9.jpg
Fried Cheesecakes
Cookies in skillets and with ice cream is always good. This kind of plating has become very common in restaurants now but heck, I am still eating this and no one's gonna stop me. Lol.

Chili's Philippines-10.jpg
Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie
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