Tofu Katsu? Katsu In Pairs? Or Katsu Sets? Take Your Pick at Yabu!

Isn't it great coming back to Yabu over and over again? Especially if you come back and find out that their menu has now been revamped and filled with new and exciting dishes for you to try! Check out these awesome plates today!

Two kinds: the classic Agedashi Tofu (photo not taken, was too eager to try it that I forgot to take a photo hahaha! Three huge portions of breaded and fried soft tofu meddled into a soy based sauce and mixed with radish and nori. It's now become one of my favorite appetizers at Yabu!

Meanwhile, the Tofu Katsu with Uni (as shown below) is an overload of sea flavors thanks to the uni cream sauce below and huge pieces of uni on top in between the same breaded tofu pieces! It's one intense uni experience that you can only get at Yabu.

Nines vs. Food - Yabu Philippines Pairs and Mixed Sets-4.jpg
Tofu Katsu with Uni


With Yabu's revamped menu, you can now try their new and improved sumptuous combinations of all your favorite things like their signature pork, chicken and seafood katsus. You can choose from the following below which includes your usual unlimited rice, cabbage and miso soup:

Chicken and Cream Dory 
Rosu and Salmon 
Chicken and Menchi 
Rosu and Oyster 
Rosu and Prawns 

Nines vs. Food - Yabu Philippines Pairs and Mixed Sets-1.jpg
Rosu and Prawns

Nines vs. Food - Yabu Philippines Pairs and Mixed Sets-2.jpg

Nines vs. Food - Yabu Philippines Pairs and Mixed Sets-3.jpg


You can also "upgrade" to deluxe mixed sets, which features not just one, not just two, not just three! But four kinds of katsus with the same unlimited rice-cabbage-soup combo! It's four times the fun at a more reasonable price! The deluxe mixed sets are available in these combinations:

Deluxe Mixed Set - prawn, hire, salmon and oyster 
Deluxe Mixed Seafood Set - prawns, salmon, oyster and cream dory 

Nines vs. Food - Yabu Philippines Pairs and Mixed Sets-5.jpg
Deluxe Mixed Seafood Set
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