Merry Moo Ice Cream Churns Out Four New Flavors!

My first encounter with Merry Moo was when I had lunch at a popular Japanese restaurant in SM Aura. It was when I had just consumed so much sukiyaki and teppanyaki and I was craving for a slightly sweet ending to my meal. Seeing Merry Moo at the lower ground floor (it was there before it transferred somewhere else inside the mall), I opted for a cup of earl grey tea ice cream which was perfect. Since Japanese restaurants would normally serve cool treats like Black Sesame or Matcha based desserts to cleanse our palate, the earl grey tea ice cream that I had was so worth my time.

Recently, I had the chance to try the newest flavors from Merry Moo, which they had just launched a few months ago. New flavors come in Scandalously Chocolate, Avocado, Berry Cheesecake and Cheesy Mamon, all of which I consumed in just one weekend.

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What's great about Merry Moo is that once buy 4 pints of any flavor, you can get them all neatly placed inside this a cute insulated bag! This only means that your ice cream will stay firm and cold for a longer period of time. Say you have to travel back home and it's too hot outside --- you are sure that your dessert will stay in fresher and cooler, longer!

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Merry Moo did a wonderful job in churning these new and fun concoctions, and you should know that they only use fresh, non-UHT dairy from Laguna dairy farmers with cows that graze and roam freely. This only gives a fresh an unaltered milk taste that has retained nutritional content compared to other mass-produced ice creams out there. See how I find their new flavors below!

Fresh sun-ripened avocado mixed with cream and sugar, and inspired by the owners' childhood merienda in the Philippines (or more popularly known as Kourtney Kardashian's Avocado Pudding in the US lol). It's a cool refreshing treat which makes it perfect for hot weekends at home!

This is made with a cheddar cheese ice cream base mixed with blueberry swirls and chunks of homemade graham cracker crust. It's basically like a cheesecake, only better! This is the type of ice cream that you can share with your BFF while checking out some guys at the park. Hahahaha!

Made from 65% dark, single-origin pure chocolate sourced locally from Davao, and scandalous because of its velvety rich and ganache-like texture. Chocolate lovers (and mostly food bloggers) attest to liking this flavor. It' has a dark chocolate truffle taste that's so addicting!

MY PERSONAL FAVORITE! It has that same cheddar cheese ice cream based mixed with large chunks of light and fluffy mamon. It's like having some mamon with a cold glass of milk that's so yummy! It's like being a chubby little kid all over again!

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Make sure to visit Merry Moo Ice Cream at a location near you (and do check out their cool party packages as well!)

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