A Day Filled With Beer And Sammies c/o Mr. Graham's Sandwich Shop x Nipa Brew Craft Beer Co.

Ever wonder how beer is made up of? If you love drinking beer (LIKE I DO), then surely you would have an idea of what it's made of. Water, beer, hops, barley and yeast are the basics, plus you can add some other flavors like citrus, herbs or fruits, and experiment on other ingredients to achieve and complement different tastes and textures. 

And if you think that wine is the only drink that we can paired with food, then this post will probably change your mind.

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Thanks to Nipa Brew Craft Beer Co. and Mr. Graham's Sandwich Shop, I was able to appreciate craft beer and sandwiches even more by conceptualizing a beer and sandwich pairing event about a month ago, and it was held at the cute but impressive Mr. Graham's Sandwich Shop in Timog, Quezon City. Not only were we presented with how beer was done by micro breweries, we were also able to have a taste of each of Nipa Brew's awesome selection of beers along with some great sandwiches from Mr. Graham's that are worth trying/coming back for. 

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And while everyone settled down before the actual pairing began, I munched on these healthy Taro-Camote-Potato Chips, made with three kinds of potatoes --- including one that tastes more subtle with the use of speckled purple taro and the other, a more sweeter kind that's made from yellow sweet potatoes.

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We started with our first pairing, featuring Sunstoked, Nipa Brew's blonde beer which has light and citrusy notes paired with Mr. Graham's Sandwich Shop's newest item, The Salmwich. This was made with perfectly seared salmon fillets in lemon butter sauce, cream cheese, tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts and capers. It's a deliciously light sandwich that's heavy on fresh flavors, which is just awesome to pair with an equally light beer like Sunstoked.

As we moved on to bolder heights, I had a taste of Mr. Graham's The Club - a manlier clubhouse made with slithers of guacamole, grilled chicken, bacon, lettuce and tomato in toasted honey bread. This particular sandwich, according to the guys from Nipa Brew, is best paired with their Tropic Haze beer --- a filling wheat beer which I find heavier and slightly bitter.

I mean, who would resist this sandwich? It's insane not to try this...

And then The Cebuano arrived (yes, that's the name of the sandwich) - which was basically a twisted cubano sandwich, but it is very much Filipino on so many levels! It's made with Cebu Lechon that's drizzled in its own drippings, ham, cheddar cheese, Mr. Graham's signature aioli and pickled green and yellow mangoes. 

One bite of this and I snapped and murmured an intense Filipino curse word over and over again. I was so angry because I don't want to finish it right away! It was so good that I imagined myself going back at Mr. Graham's, order The Cebuano again, take it home and hug it so tight before I devour it. It's that good! They paired this sandwich with Nipa Brew's Midnight Blur, which was personally slightly sweeter than Tropic Haze. It's probably because of the result of brewing which was why it has more chocolate notes than the other beers I've had at that time.

Another thing you should try is their Lechicharon - deep fried lechon skin with sauce from lechon drippings.

There is no explanation needed for this.
(Dammit. I want to have Lechicharon now.)

Much like Mr. Graham's The Cebuano, prepare to turn into The Hulk (or The Hunk if you buy this for your girl) when you try their Elvis Press-me --- a panini sandwich with only the best things that life has to offer - marshmallows, Jacob's Peanut Praline Butter, sliced bananas, and honey cured bacon. That combination of sweet, salty, gooey, sticky goodness was ahhhh-meyyyyy-zing. Pair this with Nipa Brew's Bliss Point, which has more malt in it, was a perfect ending to our meal. This is a dessert sandwich like no other. Pairing these two is just pure genius!

I didn't finish all these bottles myself but I am glad I didn't get as tipsy as expected with all the beer that I had at that time.

Other must-tries: Apple Pie Soda, the SPIKED Apple Pie Soda (this time mixed with a tall shot of Rhum --- rawrrrr ) and the 4-Cheese, Bacon Pls Sandwich! 

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Disclosure: All views expressed in this article about Mr. Grahams x Nipa Brew are from the author. Special thanks to Manila Eat Up for the invite! 

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