For A Limited Time Only: Ramen Nagi's Tsukemen and Tonkotsu-men

It was a few weeks ago when I visited Ramen Nagi's branch in Greenbelt 3 after I found out that they finally launched their Dipping Ramen here in the Philippines! It was a perfect time to me to try it since I was just near the venue (my office is just a few blocks away). I also got a chance to have met a number of new-found friends who are already big names in foodstagramming in Manila (i.e. Discover MNL and My Tummy Craves) as well as a writer coming from When In Manila.

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Most especially, it was a great opportunity for us to eat some of our other favorite dishes at Ramen Nagi.

For starers, their Gyoza should not be missed -- these japanese dumplings filled with meat, vegetables and nagi spices are steamed to perfection and served on a sizzling plate with bean sprouts. Served with a light soy sauce, it was a perfect appetizer before we even started to slurp some ramen.

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We also had some Aurora Shrimp -- large pieces of shrimp, breaded and deep fried and topped with a sweet and tangy mayo based dressing. It was a burst of freshness in every bite!

One of my favorite side dishes at Ramen Nagi would be the Chicken Karaage --- Japanese fried chicken marinared in soy sauce, ginger and garlic. Each piece is deep fried in Ramen Nagi's special breading and served with a mustard mayo to compliment its juicy and flavorful taste.

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Aurora Shrimp
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Chicken Karaage
Of course, we couldn't resist not getting a bowl of Ramen Nagi Black King (Kuroo), which is actually one of the most Instagrammed dishes at the popular Japanese ramen chain. This luscious steaming bowl of black goodness is made with your preferred type of noodles made with a special blend of garlic, chili oil and cayenne pepper mixed in a velvety broth, topped with a ball of miso infused pork and chashu slices. Whew. It's spicy and delicious and I love it!

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Black King (Kuroo)
And now, we finally move on to Ramen Nagi's Tsukemen and Tonkotsu-men!

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Ramen Nagi's Tonkotsu-men is made up of thick cold noodles topped with deep fried pork tonkotsu and served with a dipping bowl of tomato tonkotsu soup with nagi spices. The technique to enjoying this is by getting a piece of tonkotsu combined with a few strands of noodles and slowly dipping it into the hot soup which is slightly sweet, spicy and fragrant with the use of fresh tomatoes. 

It's basically milder than your usual tonkotsu broth, which makes it slightly different from the rest of their ramen variations. It's a bit difficult to eat it so let loose and as for a spoon and fork instead if you really can't take the idea of using chopsticks all throughout your meal.

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But if you prefer a more classic take, then you can try the Tsukemen instead. These thick and chewy noodles topped with spicy nagi fire sauce served with a dipping bowl of bonito soup with tender chashu strips. Personally, I find this a bit more spicy than the Tonkotsu-men, but overall I liked this one better.

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Make sure you try these dishes soon! Both the Tsukemen and Tonkotsu-men are available for a limited time only! For more information, visit Ramen Nagi Manila on Facebook today!

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