Frais, Authentique & Abordable: Check Out Boulangerie 22

Being the QC baby that I am and living in the northern part of Manila all my life, heading down south in Makati sure is a bummer. Having to endure all day traffic jams, overcrowded places and the intense heat / humidity when you go outside the office surely slows me down. But I try to find no time fo complaints because hey, it's an everyday thing and there's nothing else I could do but to deal with it. Still, there are reasons on why I still love going to Makati - one, my job (of course hahaha) and two - I get to discover new and interesting places where I can eat, have drinks and just chill!

So when I discovered Boulangerie 22 along Rada Street in Legaspi Village (you can find it on the other end of One Legaspi Park building), I instantly fell in love with it. French CafĂ© music, pretty decorated walls and windows brought a cool Parisian vibe that I find really relaxing. I remember seeing a similar vibe when I passed by along Alabang Hills a few weeks before, only to find out that it's actually one of their branches.

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Afternoon with the KTG at Boulangerie 22
This cute cafe offers fresh and authentic breads and pastries, specialty drinks and unique bottled juices without breaking your budget.

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Just look at this tray full of goodies (below): pizza bread, almond croissants, and cute bite size sweets are sure to perk up your afternoons.

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Plus, I think they have the most affordable macarons within the business district. Get these colorful morsels of sweet and creamy goodness for Php39 a piece!

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Boulangerie 22 also has a variety of breads topped with floss, but instead of pork, these are made with chicken. These are definitely a healthier alternative than the usual floss that you'd get in other shops.

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You can also find these French treats, Madeleine cookies which come in classic and chocolate flavors. These babies are so perfect while having a quiet time with a cup of tea or coffee.

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Boulangerie 22 is also one of the few distributors of The Fruit Garden, a local entity that makes some of the most sought-after jams and spreads - many of their selections have already reached even inside hotel breakfast lounges. My personal favorite is their Strawberry preserves!

Nines vs. Food - Boulangerie 22-7.jpg

Nines vs. Food - Boulangerie 22-8.jpg
Nines vs. Food - Boulangerie 22-9.jpg

I've tried these sweet breads filled with Strawberry and Ube Cream as well! Although I must admit that I wasn't able to finish eating them so I shared it to my friends instead hehe (because sharing is caring, right?) 

Speaking of sharing, you can also buy some of their cookies that are so huge I think I may not be able to finish one on my own! So I suggest you try to visit Boulangerie 22 with a friend to help you out with the eating!

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Nines vs. Food - Boulangerie 22-11.jpg
Nines vs. Food - Boulangerie 22-12.jpg
And don't get me started on how cute these cakes are!!! These cute animal faces can surely brighten up any birthday celebrant or your special someone toooo! Speaking of which, why not get one for your Mom this coming Mother's Day? I'm sure she will love this! 

Nines vs. Food - Boulangerie 22-14.jpgNines vs. Food - Boulangerie 22-13.jpg
For extra special occasions, Boulangerie 22 has this Gold Leaf Bear Cake --- a cute heart shaped chocolate cake topped with chocolate ganache and a cute teddy bear chocolate figure surrounded by edible Gold Leaf drops! This cake might seem uber expensive but I assure you that the price isn't as painful as how you would expect it to be! You can get this sweet gift suggestion for only Php699 :)

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