Sage Restaurant & Bar | Bespoke Grill Introduces New Chef de Cuisine - Chef Eric Weidmann

I was lucky to be the first of a few to experience the exclusive menu by their newest Chef de Cuisine -  Chef Eric Weidmann, who was formally introduced recently by Makati Shangri-la's Marketing Execs at Sage Restaurant & Bar | Bespoke Grill. Highlighting the best flavors and textures that this season has to offer, these dishes that he created are now available at this renowned restaurant located at the heart of Makati City.

As I came from a hectic traffic jam on my way to Sage, I was right on time to arrive as the first few appetizers were presented to us guests. Overall, it was that combination of simple and complex ingredients used on the menu that kept me wanting for more.

Waffles, for instance, took a savory spin with some smoked salmon, quail eggs and sour cream - and was kinda like my kind of breakfast especially when it gets colder. This feeling then takes an opposite turn as a fresh wedge of Iceberg Lettuce is complemented with more of that lovely sour cream, bacon, blue cheese and candied nuts. It's not your usual caesar salad but I love it's refreshing notes as I try the next appetizer. 

Chef Eric Weidmann at Sage Bar Makati Shangri-la-1.jpg
Smoked Salmon, Boiled Quail Egg and Sour Cream Waffle

Chef Eric Weidmann at Sage Bar Makati Shangri-la-2.jpg
Iceberg Lettuce Salad with Sour Cream, Bacon, Blue Cheese and Candied Nuts
The freshness of Scallops was made even better when it's prepared into Ceviche and then it gets combined with bold, tangy, fresh flavors coming from lemon, sundried tomatoes and olive oil infused with basil. Yum! I then took a final jump as I take a piece of Grilled Bacon with garlic and parsley. It was such a good ending as I finish my appetizer plate.

Chef Eric Weidmann at Sage Bar Makati Shangri-la-3.jpg
Ceviche Scallops with Lemon, Sundried Tomato and Basil Oil
Chef Eric Weidmann at Sage Bar Makati Shangri-la-4.jpg
Grilled Bacon with Garlic and Parsley
Chef Eric Weidmann at Sage Bar Makati Shangri-la-5.jpg
Appetizer plate
I never had any problems eating Bone Marrow, in fact, it's equally appealing to me as with other delicious things like foie gras and anything that's made Confit. But having it eaten in three ways? Now that's gonna give a lasting impression to the guests at Sage Restaurant & Bar | Bespoke Grill. 

Chef Eric Weidmann at Sage Bar Makati Shangri-la-6.jpg
Bone Marrow eaten three ways with Toast and Green Salad
Chef Eric Weidmann at Sage Bar Makati Shangri-la-7.jpg
Lobster Roll - Boston Lobster, Celery, Mayo and Spring Onion
Call it a classier surf and turf, but I call this a proper lunch! Their Lobster Roll is a delicious piece of gem, and is prepared fresh! Big pieces of Boston lobster is gingerly mixed in with a mayo-celery dressing and spring onions, placed in between a soft brioche bun and served with potato wedges and salad. While I also take a piece of these sticky Pork Short Ribs with coleslaw which was sweet and smoky and delish!

Chef Eric Weidmann at Sage Bar Makati Shangri-la-8.jpg
Pork Short Ribs with Wedge Potato and Coleslaw
Chef Eric Weidmann at Sage Bar Makati Shangri-la-9.jpg

The main course was like digging into a meaty goldmine, thanks to an array of grilled meats which are specially cooked using the Josper Grill. There's Dry Aged Beef - Striploin Bone-in, US Certified Angus Beef that is actually a tomahawk steak, and the subtle but super tender Australian Wagyu - Chateaubriand that is just magnificent!

Chef Eric Weidmann at Sage Bar Makati Shangri-la-10.jpg
Dry Aged Beef - Striploin Bone-in
Chef Eric Weidmann at Sage Bar Makati Shangri-la-11.jpg
US Certified Angus Beef - Bone-in Ribeye
Chef Eric Weidmann at Sage Bar Makati Shangri-la-12.jpg
Australian Wagyu - Chateaubriand
You can enjoy these grilled steaks with these awesome sides like Mac & Cheers, Twice Baked Potatoes, Creamed Corn spiked with some bourbon and pan roasted veggies.

Chef Eric Weidmann at Sage Bar Makati Shangri-la-13.jpg
From left: Mac and Cheese with Bacon and Peas, Twice-baked potato with bacon and spring onions.
Bourbon Creamed Corn, Pan-roasted vegetables from the market
See as Chef Eric slices through each piece of grilled meat like a boss!

Chef Eric Weidmann at Sage Bar Makati Shangri-la-14.jpg

And presents it in a very meticulous and impressive manner.

Chef Eric Weidmann at Sage Bar Makati Shangri-la-15.jpg

I only had a piece of everything, and didn't think of asking for more because it was already too much! I'm so full. Lol! :)

Chef Eric Weidmann at Sage Bar Makati Shangri-la-16.jpg

But as with every great meal, dessert will prevail! This warm Tarte Tatin is just wow. I always have a thing for enjoying both cold and warm temperatures together. In this case, the cold ice cream hits into the warm fruity tarte tatin and begins to melt in my mouth. Arggh, and as I write this I am now salivating!

Chef Eric Weidmann at Sage Bar Makati Shangri-la-17.jpg
Traditional Warm Tarte Tatin with Vanilla Ice Cream
It's the same deal with this Caramelized Pineapple Crumble. Very interesting that Pineapple is being used because personally I like eating cooked pineapples instead of eating the fresh kind (too much fresh Pineapples creates that numb feeling on your tongue).

Chef Eric Weidmann at Sage Bar Makati Shangri-la-18.jpg
Caramelized Pineapple Crumble with Star Anise and Vanilla Ice Cream
And just look at this Chocolate Sphere -- an elegant dessert masterpiece! This is something that you can order to impress your special someone (in short, ME hahahaha paging you - yes you!)

Chef Eric Weidmann at Sage Bar Makati Shangri-la-19.jpg
Chocolate Sphere - with Brownies, 70% Whipped Ganache, Poached Pear and Warm Chocolate Sauce
OH, my goodness. Hello there, sexy!

Chef Eric Weidmann at Sage Bar Makati Shangri-la-20.jpg

Thank you Chef Eric Weidmann and Sage Restaurant & Bar | Bespoke Grill for the lovely lunch! 

Chef Eric Weidmann at Sage Bar Makati Shangri-la-21.jpg
Me and Chef Eric Weidmann
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