Rita's Ice Custard Happiness Now Serves Halo Halo Gelati And More!

Rita's Ice Custard Happiness just got even cooler with new items that will surely satisfy your Pinoy cooler cravings to a whole new level!

This is because starting Rita's will be offering their Premium Halo Halo Gelati (Php195) starting this Friday, April 8. This Rita's latest treat is made with that local Pinoy flair - a cool gelati that's specially made with red munggo, ube halaya and nata de coco, topped with Rita's signature vanilla custard, pinipig and sweet bananas. Think instant Halo Halo with a unique twist! 

I actually got the chance to try this last weekend at their Greenhills store near Virra Mall and boy was I impressed! It's interesting how one would think of creating halo halo into a gelati. It's sweet, genius and proudly Pinoy!

Nines vs. Food - Rita's Italian Ice Custard Happiness Philippines-1.jpg

Another sinfully sweet treat which I've tried last weekend is their Fudge Brownie ala Mode (Php200) that's made with layers of warm fudgy brownies, Rita's Vanilla Custard and lotsa' hot fudge on top! This sexy cool chocolate creation is perfectly gooey, like a brownie Sundae but better! Chocoholics would probably go gaga over this!

Nines vs. Food - Rita's Italian Ice Custard Happiness Philippines-2.jpg

Nines vs. Food - Rita's Italian Ice Custard Happiness Philippines-3.jpg

And as much as gelati is concerned, you should also know that it is only at Rita's Greenhills store where their exclusive coffee creations are served, like this cool and jolt kicking Mocha Java (Php185) which is best served on a hot summer day! They do have other coffee selections like the usual latte and flat whites, as well as cold treats like the Affogato and Banoffee Misto, which I would love to try soon since I love Banoffee pie but haven't tried it in a drink form yet :)

Nines vs. Food - Rita's Italian Ice Custard Happiness Philippines-4.jpg

So if you wanna try these yummy creations from Rita's, as well as more information on promos and discounts, check out Rita's•Ice•Custard•Happiness on Facebook today and visit a store near you!

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