Check Out Yabu's Latest Seafood Catch -- Just In Time For Lent!

Yabu's witty tagline -- SEA'S THE DAY -- was the first thing that I saw as soon as I entered Yabu at Glorietta 5 early last week. As always, I was excited on what Yabu is offering this time, because so far they have always been very keen when it comes to creating new stuff and adding it on their already delicious menu.

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You can always count on Yabu's posters, displayed outside their branches - if you want to try something new. I myself missed eating here, I think the last time was a few months ago when they launched their Ebi Katsu Burger.

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Speaking of Ebi, Yabu takes more twists on selected fresh catch - starting off with one of their seasonal appetizers, the Crispy Ebi Aioli, which is made up of breaded pieces of Ebi, topped with crispy chips, green onions and savory Japanese spices. It is then tossed in a light aioli glaze and served with yes --- more aioli and a light and gingery soy-based sauce.

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Crispy Ebi Aioli
But if you love Ebi like I do, then give into this Ebi Patty ---- thick, shrimp laden patty that's thick and gloriously flavorful like the sea! For those who tried their Ebi Katsu Burger, this is most likely the same thing, only served ala carte or with rice. I can enjoy even with just a spritz of lemon, but you can also enjoy this with some aioli as well!

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Ebi Patty
The most amazing thing for me that night though was this awesome pair of Hire and Hiroshima Oyster Katsu that is a burst of sea flavor that I just can't get enough of! It has now turned to be my personal favorite among the selection of dishes which were served during that night - it's kinda like Yabu's Surf and Turf version of Katsu and I just want to order another one of these, only I can't finish everything because....

Nines vs. Food - Yabu's Lenten Specials Q1 2016-5.jpg
Hire and Hiroshima Oyster Katsu
.....THIS Hire Kurobuta was actually a perfect finale to my super yummy dinner at Yabu! This isn't your typical katsu since it's made with only the finest Black Berkshire Pig which makes up for a darker, leaner meat, giving you that bite that is just rawr. It's basically a masterpiece - and served with Karashi sauce which is sweet and a bit tangy. Ohhhh I just love going back to Yabu to try these dishes again while they're still available! 

Nines vs. Food - Yabu's Lenten Specials Q1 2016-6.jpg
Hire Kurobuta
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