When In Tagaytay: Check Out Sisterfields By Cravings At Summit Ridge Hotel

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Early last month, I've had the chance to come back to Tagaytay again after quite some time, mainly because I wanted to enjoy the cool breeze that you just cannot experience within the bustling city of Manila. It was also a perfect opportunity to spend time with my two buds who have been very willing to join me on that roadtrip; and one of our stops was at the fairly new Summit Ridge Hotel in Tagaytay where Sisterfields by Cravings is located.

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Sisterfields by Cravings is currently attracting weekend vacationers with the restaurant's creative culinary creations backed by yet another 'farm-to-table' concept to which TCG (The Cravings Group) founder and president Annie Guerrero established considering her passion for good food and sustainability. Surely you would enjoy the lush greens and calm views at the Summit Ridge with their charming rooms and gardens, but you would enjoy it even more when you try out the interesting array of dishes at Sisterfields. Aside from Annie, Sisterfields is also spearheaded by her daughter Badjie Trinidad and with the help of Chef Noel dela Rama, who is an already acclaimed personal chef based in New York who has had his culinary education in topnotch schools like the Culinary Institute of America and The French Culinary Institute in Soho, New York. 

So me and my friends prepared for this special menu created by Chef Noel and inspired by his favorite ingredients and the fresh organic produce which came straight from the farms owned by the Guerreros in Tagaytay.

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But before we even started with the appetizers (and while waiting for the other guests to arrive), I decided to jolt up first by ordering a freshly brewed flat white made from Di Bella coffee beans, which is one of the renowned coffeebean producers in Australia. Later that day, we even had the chance to appreciate coffee even more thanks to a Cupping Session which the organizers have prepared for the guests (more on this later).

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The first of the appetizers arrived: some flat bread pizzas, the first which was topped with zucchini eggplant, tomatoes and red peppers; while the other one was a slightly meatier version with longganisa, more tomatoes, onions and fresh parsley.

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These fresh and fried Vietnamese Style Spring Rolls were also served to us, accompanied with a sweet and salty peanut dressing which went very well with the crispy greens and subtle texture of the vermicelli noodles.

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The Marinated Corn and Tomato Salad with Field Greens and Green Goddess Dressing, our first course was a good starter for our meal. Just look at the colorful mix of yellow, green and red infused with an herb marinade and was made even more special with this creamy herb dressing which isn't as heavy as it looks. What's good about this salad is that the dressing is separate so you can control the sauce if you wish to either keep it lighter or richer.

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Another starter is their simple Roasted Squash Soup with Spinach, which added another flavor profile to the creamy and rich pumpkin flavor that is undoubtedly comforting. Soup is one of my many favorite things so I am giving this bowl of goodness a two thumbs up! 

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As for the mains, you can try both light and filling dishes which are sure to impress. Some of these dishes I haven't tried though but would like to come back to order, is this Chicken Quesadilla with Avocado Crema and Pico de Gallo.

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Penne Pasta with Longganisa and Mushroom was what I ordered, and I just thought that the sauce was too rich for me. It's good though, and I suggest you consume it right away because you wouldn't want the pasta to get all soggy when left for a few minutes.

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I also loved the Linguini Pasta with Herbed Shrimps and Fennel, which was light and very tasty. I wanted to ask for some parmesan cheese but did not bother because I was enjoying this all too much.

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My friend hits the jackpot when he chose to order the Sticky Baby Back Ribs with Coleslaw and Mashed Potato, which looks so appetizing that I didn't resist asking him for some to taste. And oh it was so good that you have to try this yourselves.

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Burger lovers can also enjoy this huge Sisterfields Burger with Fried Egg and Maple Glazed Bacon -- complete with fries and greens on the side instead of being on the actual burger when it arrives on your table. This one is also highly suggested especially by meat lovers so you should try this one as well.

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To end my meal, a sweet serving of Pineapple Tarragon Ice Cream literally took my breath away because this is just so deliciously made! Chef Noel even shared that one of his ingredients is Tarragon which was why he created this dessert, along with the use of fresh pineapples which is abundant in Tagaytay (and is considered one of the main crops in the area). It's not that sweet (although the subtle tartiness of the pineapple is evident) and I found it to be a great palate cleanser after all the food we've eaten during that afternoon.

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Seems to be that it's another successful partnership with Chef Noel dela Rama and The Cravings Group! Here he is with Loren and Melissa, Coffee Consultants at The Cravings Group, who both facilitated the Di Bella Cupping Session later that afternoon.

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It was my first time to experience a Cupping Session which lets you in the world of coffee and its journey from being a plant, to beans, to roasting and finally getting that cup of joe that many people love. But before the actual demonstrations, we had to understand first on how our tastebuds react (and where exactly taste profiles are most prominent on the tongue as soon as food is consumed)

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We also had the chance to determine the different forms of brewing, such as with the use of a siphon and a bigger apparatus which creates a cold brew which is actually similar feels with the idea of making fine wine. They even had us mix in some cold brew coffee with some sparkling water and it was divine!

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I am pretty sure that I am going back again to Tagaytay soon! In the meantime, make sure you check out both Summit Ridge Hotel and Sisterfields by Cravings for a different kind of culinary experience on top of the mountains which is really, not that far from Manila.

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